Top 20 Best Power Bank in Online 2016

11. Lenovo Powerbank Pb410 5000Mah Review



Buy Lenovo Powerbank Pb410 5000Mah Silver from Snapdeal

This Power Bank is good for people looking for any budgetary power bank with main motive to charge to phone or Tablet and nothing more than that. A lay man can even use this, by simply connecting the charging cable with the Digital device. Designing of this model is nice, well-created with steel finishing on the surface giving this model a slim and sleek look.4-LED indicator for checking battery level status.Standard Box contains Power Bank,charging cable 1 in number along with user manual and warranty card.


2 output and 1 input port allow you to charge your digital devices .

Compatible for charging Nexus 4,Nexus 5,Samsung Tab and many more models.

No option for Flashlight so you cannot use this Power bank in case of power failure of when the light is low. This is one of the basic features that is present in all other high-end models.

This powerbank does not work in-line with the digital device or we can say , while you are charging the power bank ,you cannot connect your Smartphone or any other device with it.

No wall charging unit provided as a part of standard equipment.


12. Ambrane P-1111 10000 mAh Power Bank Review


Buy Ambrane P-1111 10000 mAh Power Bank – Blue & White from Snapdeal

This Powerbank from Ambrane model no P-11111 is a 10000 mAhbattery capacity model which is sufficient for charging your digital device like smartphone or tablet without any issues. This model of  power bank has battery 10000mah which allows you to charge your Smartphone so that you don’t miss your important personal or business communication. Size of this Power bank is compact and the weight being very light can be easily carried along without any hassle.


This model is economical and gives quality as per its value.

Can be used to charge two devices simultaneously.

Standby charge capacity up to one month.

Needs 5 hours to completely charge the power bank.


Once you charge it fully, you can charge your smart device 3-4 times a day but its performance decreases with the time.

Size is a bit heavy as compared to other light-weight models available in the market.

Length of charging cable is very short and you need to bring your charging device very close to the power  bank.

This power bank can be charged only with the charger provided in the standard box and in case it turns faulty or lost, your power bank becomes a waste.


13. F&D LUNAR P3 GOLD Power Bank-13000Mah Review



Upgrade yourself with the Lunar P3 Gold power bank manufactured by F&D and forget your worries of charging your digital devices at places with least or no electricity connections. This model is used at places where you forget to carry your charger .In case you have power bank, and then your problem of charging the phone is resolved. This power bank model has stand-by charge capacity which lets you carry it while travelling. Remove your worries and carry this smart device to charge any device, anytime and anywhere.2 USB Slots for charging 2 devices at the same time.


Automatic motherboard and battery protection for device safety.

Portable and ergonomic design makes it a reason to buy.


This power bank is slight heavy and sometimes users find it difficult to carry. Main motive of buying power bank is to carry and so if the design is heavy, there are minimum chances of buying it.

This model takes very long time to charge it fully.

Cord length provided in the standard packaging for charging Power bank is of very short length and manufacturer should take steps to improve the length.

Body is not scratch resistance and starts looking ugly in few days.


14. Power Ace Power Bank Prp 10400mAh Review


Buy Power Ace PRP 10400 10400mAh Power Bank – White from Snapdeal

This Power bank manufactured byDigitekin capacity of 10400A.Modelhas very compact size and light weight. Battery capacity is high being 10400 mAh.LED display indicates the amount of battery left in the powerbank. You can use this power bank to charge iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Mobile phones etc.like digital devices. Standard Box contains Power bank, charging cable, Instruction manual and warranty card.


Measures to provide Safety already included in the unit.

2 devices can be charged at the same time.

1 year warranty


This product stands amongst average models and does not do justice to the battery capacity highlighted in the model.

Power bank charging time is very high almost more than a night.

Not compatible with Apple devices with completely dead battery.

Discharging tendency of this model is very fast .Charging very slow so ultimately an average solution in economical range.

Charging slot heats up while you charge your device so, can damage your Power bank or your device.

Needs Minimum of 12 hour to completely charge the Power Bank battery.


15. Lenovo PA13000 13000 mAh Power Bank Review


Buy Lenovo PA13000 13000 mAh Power Bank – White from Snapdeal
PA13000 Power bank by Lenovo is one of the newest models manufactured by the company to get rid of your everyday problems of charging digital device. This model has high battery capacity of 13,000 mAh at 37 Wh supporting 2 USB ports with V/A ratings of 5 V/2.1 A . This battery capacity is large and comes with quick charging feature .Auto-sensing battery cell of high quality integrated in the unit. You can recharge this power bank up to 500 times .Safety provided against OCP/OVP/OTP. Comes in Colorful range of White, Black, Blue, Pink, any can be selected according to your interest.12 months warranty from Lenovo gives relief that the product is genuine.2 USB Ports allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.


Battery backup of this Lenovo Power bank is good.

Ergonomic design defines its strength.

Aesthetic appeal is awesome and catches attention easily.


Product quality is good but the price is very high as compared to the performance and should be reduced to grab more customers in the market.

White color gets dirty and looks shabby in few days only.

Size is big and cannot be carried in pocket.

Heavy weight design makes this model bulky and a bit tiring to carry while travelling.

This power bank takes around 14-20 hours for charging its battery to full capacity.


16. Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank Review



Buy Intex IT-PB11K 11000 mAh Power Bank – White from Snapdeal

Intex IT-PB11K power bank by well-known Intex brand comes in high battery capacity of 11000mAh.Bar shaped design is sleek .LED Indicator updates user constantly about the battery status. Lithium Ion battery capacity of 11000mAh gives good battery backup. This model comes with Power Bank main unit, charging cable, user manual and warranty card offering warranty of 6 months. White color gets dirt and makes this model look shabby.


LED Torch can be used by simply pressing the power button two times. This feature allows user to use the device in dark areas.

3 charging ports for charging 3 devices at the same time.


Model is very heavy and should be improvised to make it portable.

Charging method is slow and takes time to charge your digital device.

Battery charge indicator is not managed properly and sometimes shows 2 lights out of 4 glowing even when the battery is dead.

Digital devices heats up after and while charging through this power bank which is not a good sign or performance.

Product price is very high and can be brought at low as the other manufacturers are giving good Power Banks at same prices.

Small charging cable makes it tough to bring digital device so close to the unit.


17. Sony CP-V5/BC 5000 mAh Power Bank Review


Buy Sony CP-V5/RC 5000 mAh Power Bank – Red from Snapdeal

This Sony power bank model number CP-V5/WC comes in Battery capacity of 5000mAh.You can use this device for charging your smartphone or any other Digital device at any place and any time. This high battery capacity of 5,000 mAh, can be used to charge wide range of devices and so is your perfect travelling companion. Battery exclusively manufactured by Sony is a rechargeable one made from lithium-polymer .The model has ultra slim design in aluminum material giving it an ergonomic flexibility.This model is compatible with universal brands and can be used to charge Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phone and Tablet.


Discharging is not fast as is seen in many of the models of this range.

Sony battery are known for their quality and performance so, you can use this model without any worries.


White colored design captures dirt particles and reduces aesthetic appeal of the model.

Only 1 micro USB port limits user for charging only one device at one time.

Plastic body is not durable and should be handled with utmost care for using this Power Bank for years.

This power bank needs almost 12 hours for charging its battery to its full capacity.


18. Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBank (10000mAh) Review



Buy Karbonn Polymer 10 PowerBank (10000mAh) from Snapdeal

This Power Bank from Karbonnmodel Polymer 10 comes in battery capacity of 10000mAh.This model has been specifically designed for charging your digital devices which are running short of battery. Design of this Polymer 1 is sleek and stylish, making it a perfect option for people looking for charging their digital devices while travelling. Multiple color variants allows you to buy it in black, white and golden colors, any can be selected based on your likes and interest. Weight being light can be easily carried in handbag while travelling to remote locations with least electrical connections. Discharge rate is slow so the performance rate is high.


Li-Polymer battery supports charging cycle greater than 1000 times.

Design is light weight as no metal part used in the construction.


Battery indicator indicates user on the battery level status but consumes power and lets battery discharge faster.

Battery charging capacity differs from the actual one .You cannot charge 3100mAh battery even for 3 times.

2000mAh battery cannot be charged more than 3 times.

Not compatible with Tata Photon Wi-Fi dongle.

Heavy weight design makes it tough to carry in hand while travelling.

Price higher then quality offered.


19. iPro iP40 13000 mAh USB Power Bank Review


Buy iPro iP40 13000 mAh USB Power Bank for Smart Phones – White from Snapdeal

iP40 manufactured by well-known brand Ipro comes in battery capacity of 13000mAh .This high capacity provides continues power to your digital devices like Smart phone , iPad , Tablets etc. Ipro Power bank in 13000mAh capacity comes with 2 USB output ports that allows user to charge two digital devices at the same time.1A Port is used for connecting smartphone and 2A for Tablets &iPads. iPro iP40 power bank comes integrated with LED indicator that provides status of the battery left and consumed by the power bank. This 13000mAh battery capacity power bank has in-built micro USB cable that is used to connect digital device direct with the slot instead of using any separate cable.


LED Light is very bright and so let’s user see in low or dark lights.

2000mAh battery can be charged in only 40-45 minutes time.

1 week standby time gives enough time to charge batteries.


Charging is very slow.

Weight-wise, this model is heavy and user finds it difficult to carry in pocket.

Discharging is very fast and owner has to charge it on frequent basis.

You need to spend 15-20 hours for charging its battery to full of its capacity.


20. Eveready Ultima UM5200 mAh Portable Charger Review



Buy Eveready Ultima UM5200 mAh Portable Charger for Smartphones (Black) from Snapdeal

Eveready is a well-known name in battery manufacturers List and this time they have surprised their customers with their latest power bank model Ultima UM52 Portable Power Bank designed specifically for charging Tablets and Smartphones like Digital Devices. This model comes in Li-Ion battery capacity of 5200 mAh that is sufficient enough to charge your digital devices and give an optimum backup for long hours.2 USB ports for connecting two digital devices at the same time. This battery capacity can charge your smartphone two times in a day or even Tablet once a day. Intelligent charge sensor detects amount of battery left in the power bank and alerts user on charging the power bank for emergency use. 4 LED Indicators protecting power bank against overload, overcharge, short-circuit and discharging. Model compatible with Smartphones and Tablets of reputed brands. Standard Box packaging includes Power bank main unit, charging cable, user manual and warranty card.


Protective measures in terms of overload, overcharge, short-circuit protection and also protects from self-discharge integrated for protection of device.


This model comes with warranty of only 6 months whereas other manufacturers are offering 1 year warranty on the power banks of this range.

Top 20 Best Power Bank listed here are based on the market research and true to our heart. Only well established products are listed. If any good product newly comes to the market, we will update once it is well established & got good ratings in the online stores. Please feel free to ask any questions!

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