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Best Clothes Iron Box to buy in 2016

Best Clothes Iron Box to buy in 2016

Iron box is one of the most essential house hold items every one of us would buy at some point in our life time. While the market is flooded with tens of thousands of brands, how would you choose the best clothes iron box in the market? We have already analyzed almost all the products available in the market. So you don’t have to. Below mentioned products are the best in this sector. Go through the list and make a happy purchase!

Best iron box in india

1. Philips HI114 Dry Iron

Buy Philips HI114 Dry Iron from Snapdeal

Philips HI114 Dry Iron comes with golden American heritage sole plate for easily gliding over the fabrics. It consists of button groves for easy maneuvering between the buttons. It holds temperature control suitable for wide range of fabrics. The dry iron goes off when the temperature is too high than needed for safety and less power consumption which is indicated by an indicator light. It comes with 2 years Philips Indian warranty. All this salient features makes Philips HI114 to top of the table.


White colour gives you classy look. 1.8 meter power cord is quite long enough

Weight is not very light (Light makes you press harder against creases) and Not very heavy (Heavy makes you to work hard to finish the job)

Body and the handle is of great quality

Very smooth bottom. Golden colour looks rich

Best of all Philips iron boxes and price also cheap


Nothing found yet!

2. Crompton Greaves CG-HDC Dry Iron

Buy Crompton Greaves CG-HDC Iron from Snapdeal

Crompton Greaves CG-HDC Dry Iron comes with DuPont Teflon coating for better safety and superior performance. It backs with temperature control for different kind of fabrics. One of the major advantages is its light weight which needs less human effort.


Heats up very quickly (takes 10~15 seconds only)

Build quality is really very good

Crompton Greaves brand trust

Power cord length is long enough


Cord quality could have been better

3. Philips GC2840 Steam Iron

Buy Philips GC2840 Steam Iron from Snapdeal

Philips GC2840 Steam Iron comes with steam glide soleplate which is best of all Philips soleplates. It glides over the clothes very easily and the sole plate is scratch resistant. 2200 watt power gives a constant steam output for ironing clothes. One of the features is 100g steam boost which is very useful when ironing jean clothes. Calc clean slider and burst pills are added advantages. Water capacity is higher than others so there is no need to often refill. Drip-stop system keeps your dress from becoming wet and variable steam setting allows you to iron all types of garments. On default it comes with 2 years Philips India warranty.


So many features provided by  Philips makes it very delightful experience

Easy maintenance. Cleaning is very simple

Heats up very quickly and retain the heat for longer time

Steam generation is good and continuous

Brand trust. Solid build and great performance


AEH plug (Bigger size plug point) is required. (Available in market for less than 100Rs)

Bit costlier than other iron boxes

Power consumption is more

4. Morphy Richards Inspira Dry Iron

Buy Morphy Richards Inspira Dry Iron Wooden Color from Snapdeal

Morphy Richards Inspira Dry Iron consists of DuPont non-stick coated soleplate which gives you smooth feeling over the fabrics when ironing. It comes with the adjustable temperature setting useful for ironing different garments. Neon indicator light is used to indicate the right temperature. Power consumption is 1000W. It is backed with 2 years warranty (just 1 year when bought from Flipkart)


Heats up quickly. Non stick coating does the job pretty well

Value for money

Compact and light weight dry iron

Trusted brand. Customer support after sales is also good


Handle design could have been better for bigger hands

Light weight Dry ironing machine makes yourself stretch

5. Philips GC1920 Steam Iron

Buy Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron from Snapdeal

Philips GC1920 Steam Iron consists of black American heritage soleplate which helps to easily glide over the fabrics. Its self cleaning feature is a major advantage which also results in very less maintenance. It is easy and fast to refill the water through a big hole at the top of the steam iron. Power consumption is 1440 watts and as all other Philips iron boxes it comes with 2 years Philips India warranty.


Steam generated is continuous. Removes the crease faster

1.8 meter power cord is quite long enough for house-hold

Heats up quickly. Takes around 40-45 sec to completely heat up

Comes with two different awesome design


Steam burst feature is not available

Few people complaint about defective product received

6. Philips GC1905 Steam Iron

Buy Philips GC1905/21 Steam Iron from Snapdeal

Philips GC1905 Steam Iron comes with Black Linished American Heritage sole plate. One of the added feature over Philips GC1920 Steam Iron is this comes with a nonstick coat which makes ironing process quick. It can be used as a dry as well as steam and spray iron whichever is convenient for you. It has variable steam control setting at the head and self cleaning feature too. Power consumption is 1440 watts and it comes with a 2 years Philips India warranty.


Gets heated up very quickly (within 1 min)

Steam burst facility is awesome

Amount of steam is sufficient enough even for jeans cloth


User manual is not there with the product

The vertical steam shot is not working well

7. Philips GC138 Dry Iron

Buy Philips GC138 Dry Iron from Snapdeal

Philips GC138 Dry iron box is having Aluminium Black American Heritage Soleplate with cast-in technology for quick and uniform heating. Very light weight only 0.76 kg. Temperature controller and light indicator is available for your convenient ironing. Indicator light goes off when it reaches required temperature according to your preset controller settings. 1100 watts power consumption. 6 Feet lengthy power cord and 2 years warranty is provided by the manufacturer.


Ideal for daily usage. Works fine as per the specification.

Power consumption is less. Good looking

Light weight. Easy to use

Button groove and coating is good


As it is light weight and less power, some people complaint that it becomes hard to remove the creases

8. Morphy Richards Desira Dry Iron

Buy Morphy Richards Desira Dry Iron White from Snapdeal

Like many iron boxes in this price range Morphy Richards Desira Dry Iron also comes with DuPont Teflon classic Non-stick coated soleplate for smooth performance. It consist of adjustable thermostat for varying between wide range of temperatures. The sole plate area is 18460 sq. mm. It is one the largest iron box in the online market. Some other cool features are neon lights and 360 degree swivel cord for strangle free usage. It comes with 2 years warranty and its power consumption is 1000 watts.


Takes less time since it has big sole plate

Good solid performance and White colour gives good look

Value for money


Size is bigger

9. Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron

Buy Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron – White from Snapdeal

Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron comes with cheap but efficient Golden non-stick coated soleplate for giving smoothness on the clothes while ironing. It consists of temperature control with thermal fuse for safety purpose which is a added advantage. It is also light weight, comfortable to handle with cool touch to the body. 360 degree swivel cord helps in strangle free usage. It comes with 2 years warranty and the power consumption is 1000 watts.


Cheap and best product in the market as of now

Highly selling product in all the online stores

Does the job perfectly


Power cord length could be little more (just 1.5 meter)

Few burned their cloth as the temperature controller did not work

10. Philips HI113 Dry Iron

Buy Philips HI113 Dry Iron from Snapdeal

Like all other Philips iron boxes in this price range this Philips HI113 Dry Iron also comes with black American heritage soleplate for easy gliding over the fabrics and button grooves is added features for quick ironing in-between button and sleeves. Power consumption is 1000 watts and 2 years Philips India warranty.


Value for money product

Quick response and solid performance


Still I am searching!

Apart from above mentioned, following products also worth to buy

Crompton Greaves ED PLUS Dry Iron, Bajaj Majesty DHX 9 Dry Iron, Philips GC1980 Dry Iron, Crompton Greaves SD Dry Iron, Bajaj Majesty MX 22 Dry Iron, Bajaj DX 3 L/W Dry Iron, Singer DX 76 Dry Iron, Orpat OEI – 177 Dry Iron

Read the user manual before going to try. Many people keep very high temperature setting and iron a soft cloth. This will definitely burn the cloth. So please choose correct temperature for different types of cloth.

Recommended Ironing cloth temperature settings:

Denim 260°C with steam

Linen 240°C

Cotton 200°C

Rayon 190°C

Wool 150°C

Silk 140°C

Polyester 140°C

Lycra 130°C

So now you know about the best clothes iron box in market. Pass it on and let others know it too.

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