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Best Clothes Iron Box to buy in 2020


Iron box is one of the most essential house hold items every one of us would buy at some point in our life time. While the market is flooded with tens and  thousands of brands, how would you choose the best clothes iron box in the market? We have already analyzed almost all the products available in the market. So you don’t have to. Below mentioned products are the best in this sector. Go through the list and make a happy purchase!

1. Crompton CG-HDC 1100 W Dry Iron

Crompton CG-HDC a iron which was looking so good. Due it’s 1100 Watt motor it’s gets heated quickly and it also consumes little bit high amount of electricity as compared to other 1000 Watt Irons in the market. A LED light indicator shows you that whether it’s getting heated or not. Swivel cord comes with 360 degree which brings the maximum evel of comfortability for usage. Finally the Manufacturer is giving that 2 of waranty for this Iron.


Indication Light on upper side.

Value for Money.

Heats up in 30-45sec of time.


No any technical cons found. Only few customers received faulty product.

2. Havells D’zire 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Havells D’zire is a American TefLon Soulplate is coated with 3 layers. Golden layered soulplate givng that a classic look. 360 Degree Swivel is gives you that maximum level of comfortability for usage. A Pilot indication light shows you that whethere it’s getting heated or not. Finally it comes 2 years of Manufacturing waranty from the Manufacturer.


Pilot Indication Light on upper side.

Value for money.


Found heating issues from some customers.

3. Morphy Richards Desira 1000-W Dry Iron (Off White)

Like many iron boxes in this price range Morphy Richards Desira Dry Iron also comes with DuPont Teflon classic Non-stick coated soleplate for smooth performance. It consist of adjustable thermostat for varying between wide range of temperatures. The sole plate area is 18460 sq. mm. It is one the largest iron box in the online market. Some other cool features are neon lights and 360 degree swivel cord for strangle free usage. It comes with 2 years warranty and its power consumption is 1000 watts.


Takes less time since it has big sole plate.

Good solid performance and White colour gives good look.

Value for money.


Size is bigger.

4. Bajaj DX 7 1000-W Dry iron

Bajaj DX7 is a Dry Iron comes with cheap but efficient Golden non-stick coated soleplate for giving smoothness on the clothes while ironing. It consists of temperature control with thermal fuse for safety purpose which is a added advantage. It is also light weight, comfortable to handle with cool touch to the body. 360 degree swivel cord helps in strangle free usage. It comes with 2 years warranty and the power consumption is 1000 watts.


Cheap and best product in the market as of now.

Highly selling product in all the online stores.

Does the job perfectly.


Power cord length could be little more (just 1.5 meter)

Few burned their cloth as the temperature controller did not work

5. Orient Electric Enduro DIEN10GM 1000W Dry Iron

Orient  Electric Enduro DIEN10GM is attracts you in the first sight because of its design and build quality. It’s soulplate is made up of Non – sticky American heritage Material and so it is glides on the cloths to iron. Heating is shaped as C – Shaped it helps soulplate to get quicker heat to iron and because of its heat distribution. Silver Layered Thermostat gives as a longer life and performance. 360 Degree swivel gives a struggle free usage and also it comes with the 2 years of manufacturing warranty. It Consumes 1000 watts of electricity.


Good looking Attractive design.

Silver Layered Thermostat.

A lightweight Iron


Found some Improper working from Customers.

Found some low heat issues from Customers side

6. Philips HI108/01 1000 W Dry Iron

Philips HI108/01 is comes with Two colors blue and white. This two brings same look because there is big change in colors differentiation in bottom only we will note that. A texture Gives you a perfect handling experience for us and also it increases the comfort level for us.  A cord winder is very useful store its cord in surround its iron itself. 360 degree of Swivel cord is another is one of advantage to buy this iron. 1000 watts of power consumption gives you a better advantage and also it comes with A 2 years of warranty.


A Texture in Grip.

Cord winder.


Found some technical issues from few customers

7.  Havells Glydo 1000 Watt Dry Iron


Havells Glydo is a dry iron it’s curved design gives a perfect look to see and use. It’s curved ergonomical not only gives you a perfect look but also gives a perfect gripping. There was an Pilot lighting on upper side of the handle it shows it’s whether the soulplate is heating or not. It also comes with a cord winder. 360 degree of Swivel cord gives brings the maximum level of comfortability to use. 2 years of warranty and it consumes 1000 watts of electricity.


Cord Winder.

Curved design.


Plastic body is very poor.

8. Havells Adore 1100 W Dry Iron

Havells Adore is a comes with well designed triangle design which gives you a perfect look. It’s soulplate is coated up with teflon platinum PTFE (3 layered) coating which was non – sticky  and glides on the cloth. It’s linear design which goes into very little space. It comes with 3 colour variants namely Peach, Grey and Sea Green. A cord Winder is available in the back side of the iron. 360 degree of Swivel cord gives brings the maximum level of comfortability to use. It consumes 1100 watts of electricity its little high from other iron in the list. 2 years of Warranty covered by the Manufacturer.


Cord Winder.

3 Layered teflon Coating.

A Attractive design.


Found some low Heat issues from customers.

9. Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP

Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP’s Soulplate is coated up with American Heritage Teflon gives a non – Sticky usage. It comes with the G shaped Heating element for quick heating and safety. It was shaped as triangle and so it was perfectly designed and gives a good look. It’s lower is made up of stainless steel and it is slight heavy to lift up. 360 Degree swivel and Cord winder are comfortability features for this iron. Finally it comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty and 1000 watts of power consumption.


Stainless Steel lower part.

Triangle shaped design.


Little bit heavy to lift.

10. SYSKA SDI 09 1000-W Dry Iron

Syska SDI 09 has good looking Elegantly designed up of plastic. It’s Soulpalte is coated up with 2 layers of Dupoent Teflon it makes the souplate non-sticky. It was an lightweight iron made up with plastic of just 807 grams and so it brings very handy and maximum comfortability to use. It comes with 360 degree of Swivel cord it brings the maximum level of comfortability to this to use. Finally it comes with an 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.


One of cheap and good product.

A lightweight Iron.


Had some heating issues.


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