Best flight simulator games in Google Play Store/Apple Store/Microsoft Store

Best virtual flight simulator games for Android/iOS/Windows mobiles/tablets in 2016

 Trilling Games easily catch attention. If a person is free and want to spend some quality time, then we would list down some of the best flight simulator games in 2016 that are easily available in Google play store/Apple Store/Microsoft Store.

Flight simulator games

1. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free


3D simulation Game involving a pilot operating tons of different real-life planes, completing challenging missions in order to bring new adventure every time. In this game, pilot crosses checkpoints, gets tasks for extinguishing fires by firefighting planes or the player may have to rescue passengers struck in the middle of the ocean, many more mischievous things that will keep you entertained during the game.


This game can be played without internet connection so you can easily play while travelling to remote locations via trains, aero plane or any other mean of transport.

Your kids of any age can play and get themselves entertained.


Certain missions want you to pay real money to proceed further and sometimes user is not in position to pay so.

For dives more than 1000mph, many a times it is seen that plane becomes uncontrollable.

2. Air Control Lite


As the name suggest this game involves controlling traffic of airplanes by directing them to safest tracks in order to avoid unnecessary collisions. This simple game can become your addiction so it is advised to play less and have more fun without affecting your routine work schedule.


This game is very challenging and keeps the player busy all the time relieving him or her from every day work tensions.

Considered as one of the best airplane simulator game in 2016


The Game comes under one of the best virtual flight games but when you are playing it, you will find certain ads popping up on the screen that hinders your way to play.

3. Sky Force 2014


This Game stated way back in 2004 and has gained popularity since then. Player needs to shoot at target and avoid hailstorm coming out of bullets to win points in his or her favor. One finger touch game involves one to one control and lets you to see actions clearly in front of your screen. This sharp shooting game looks good and is fun to play.


This Game gives amazing 3D Gaming experience

No ads pop up in the middle of game to divert your attention form playing


Unlocking at last levels is a bit tedious task.

Stars grind slowly and hence reduce the Game speed.

4. AirAttack HD Lite


Battle game in Air in HD is an ultimate imagination and yes it is true in Air Attack HD Lite game being played on Android Phones. 3 Missile levels are used to combat enemy.


Nice Game depicting fall of enemies and t is really fun watching the while game with missile and enemies fight going on to get the best win.

Person sitting alone or getting bored and have interest in military services, must opt to download this game.


This Game has only 3 missions that limits the player from playing more

Being HD, gaming graphics are not that wonderful and must be improved to catch more customers.



This Game is designed by Indian Air Force to attract youth to start their carrier in military services. This App is free for Windows, Android and iPhone platforms.


Very Nice Game .It is advised to integrate YAW and ROLL to add more humor and fun to the Game.

Graphics and control system are excellent and would never let you get bored.


Game sometimes crash at higher levels and it becomes difficult to move to other levels.

Only 2 initial levels are provided in the Game and it has really becomes necessary to introduce more to bring versatility in the Game.

6. GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D


This Game contains most powerful Helicopters across the globe. You can get real-like feeling of becoming a Helicopter Pilot struggling in space to combat challenges given by enemies.


This game can be played offline so you need not connect any Internet for playing.

3D Visuals are great and give you real-like experience.

Lots of difficult missions keep you engaged.

This game is addictive and once you start playing it, can’t get yourself out of it before completing the level.


Tilt control not available in the game and if this was a possibility then the Game would have been a different one.

You cannot decrease height and no option given to land.



This Game is based on historical World War II and that why get this name. This game will take you from Arizona (USS) to a navy ship called HMS Bulldog and allow you have stunning experience of using fighting vessels and equipment used in World War II


Although App size is small but 3G Gaming will take you to a complete new world.


Game is free but still some items need to be purchased by paying real money and the money you spend sometimes is not refundable.

8. Starship Alliance


This is a perfect game for shooting lovers .2D Environment adds versatility to this game. Here, player has fun and adventure in space while moving across asteroids, planets, and stars. Another bonus point that catches attention is its connection with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can send invite to your friends and enlarge your group circle for play. This game is about your exploration in space where you aim, shoot and protect yourself.


Shooting style game provokes real competitive feeling among the players.

You can stay connected with your social like through networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Owns the crown as the best flight simulator game of the year 2016.


Push Notifications that pop up while you are playing becomes irritating some times.

For beginners, the Game is a bit confusing but after you get hands on it, you will find a complete entertainment.


We listed some of best virtual Flight Games and now you can decide which one to download depending upon your area of interest.

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