Best games to play without internet in Google Play Store for Android mobiles and tablets

Best games to play without internet in Google Play Store for Android mobiles and tablets in 2016


A mobile game craze is increasing day by day. It has really become difficult for the people with no access to Internet to play certain games which can be played online only. Plenty of games are available in the Google play store and finding the list of offline ones is very Hercules task. You may find yourself struck at places without any Internet connection so in order to remove your boredom in those areas, we are listing down top 10 Mobile games which can be placed offline and are best for Android phones or Tablets.

Best android games to play without internet

1. Plague Inc.


Unique strategy and real-like simulation technique, both inculcated in one game called Plague Inc. This Game involves one pathogen who has infected Patient Zero. Now player needs to evolve one deadly plague, who fights against humanity to defend itself. This game will definitely push your mobile gaming to a completely new level.


New York daily times has awarded this game in 2012 by the honor of “Best Tablet Game of 2012”.


This game sometimes keep moving in the background even after closing the app. Player need to shut down phone, remove battery, and then restart the phone creating unnecessary work.


2. Puzzle Retreat


This easy to learn and additive puzzle game will remove all tensions and stress from your mind. This game is new in puzzle gaming line. You simply need to move the blocks to fill up holes and complete the puzzle. Player can even increase complexity in the game by adding special blocks Stop Blocks, fire blocks, Arrow Blocks and Bonsai Trees etc.


All puzzles are well-crafted and make player addictive.


36 levels are free but when you get addicted to it, you need to pay for playing more levels.


3. Asphalt 8: Airborne


This game is one of the best amongst arcade racing games which is fun and adventurous while reaching the turning point. Player can enjoy performing amazing stunts in air and get intensive experience of driving.


Game is good; amazing graphics will take you to real world of racing cars.


1.8GB Internal memory Space required for running this game,which is very high and decreases performance of mobile.




Side-scrolling in atmosphere with adventure is perfect for thrill loving people. This action packed game will take you to forest full of inhabitants, trees and stunning surroundings.


Amalgamation of beautiful graphics and sound quality delivers exceptional gaming performance.


Control system need accuracy so sometimes irritates player as if he is playing any real game.


5. Bike Race Free – Top Free Game


This Bike race can be mastered by single player and then challenging your friend on Facebook is an ultimate fun. This game contains hundreds of tracks to give new ride to player every time he plays it.


Cool bike stunts and amazing collection of bike models will drive you crazy.

This game does not consume much space, so you can easily play it without any hassle of shortage of space.


Need good amount of your real money so, if you can spend money at the cost of getting fun, then go ahead and take the pleasure of playing this game.


6. Punch Hero


Punch Hero is an ultimate boxing game played directly on your mobile without making any internet connection. Be a boxer, swing your fist and play like real hero to win the battle against opponent. Use skill store to get special skills and power moves. This game has 3D graphics and very addictive once you start playing it.


Multiple modes of game would never let you get bored.


This game is expensive and apart from this sometimes freezes in the middle of play.


7. Adventure Town


This game is about rebuilding your town and attracting fighters to fight for a cause. You send super heroes to combat monsters while exploring dungeons in the land surrounding the area. Multiple quests guiding you, rewarding you for your success. Start playing this game to remove darkness and enlighten the world with greatness.


Great job done by the creator of this game for keeping boredom at bay.


Game forcefully closes automatically while you are seriously playing it.


8. Smurfs’ Village


Smurf is an Astronomer who needs your help in creating his village from the scratch.


Certain in-app purchase requires you to pay real money, but you can lock this app and enjoy playing the game without sending your hard earned money.


Downloading this game sometimes becomes a tough task.


9. The Secret Society®


This society consists of a secret community made by people with unique capabilities to explore their magical world. Uncle Richard, an elite member of this community is missing and after some time, the player recognizes special powers in him giving confidence to find the missing uncle. So, the game is about your struggle and dedication towards finding the missing uncle, defeating enemies who want to affect your society.


This game is great, giving new thrill and fun every time the player starts his mission of finding the missing uncle.


Consumes much space in Internal memory and hence processor performance is affected.


10. Hungry Shark Evolution


In this Game, player have full control of Hungry shark in his hands and he need to take care of shark by feeding it with proper food for its survival.


As the name itself suggest, game is a full fun. Imagination itself creates curiosity to play and control shark.

TIGA Awards have honored this game as the “Game of the year” in 2013.


No doubt that this game is amazing, but sometimes crashes in the middle and blocks shark way of surviving.

In-app purchases required for buying accessories and upgrades to enhance gaming quality.


Our List is simplified and based on deep research on player satisfaction and number of downloads. Hope reader will agree to this fact. In case, you find any other top rated game, then do let us know for making changes in our creation.

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