Best Epilator Trimmer For Women

Top 10 Best Hair Removal Epilator Trimmer For Women

Philips Epilator

Are you looking for a best epilator? You at the right place. We have done lots of research in the epilator category and finally come with this best list. Philips epilator and broun epilator are world class leaders in this segment. Other than these Babyliss, Panasonic & Remington also brands also shares the market. Hope our study is helpful for you to select the best epilator.

Epilation is basically a new process designed especially for Women in order to remove hairs from the skin. Epilator Machine is used to pluck hairs direct from the roots as is done in case of waxing. In this method of extracting hairs direct from the roots, hairs grow at slow rate and become extremely thin. Amount of mess created in this process is less as compared to that of waxing. Main drawback of waxing is it is not a perfect solution for trimming or removing small hairs and humid or rainy days are worst for waxing but Epilation works in all situations .

To brief you on Epilation, Epilator is one of the electrical devices used to mechanically remove hairs form the body .This device plucks multiple hair in one go by simple pull mechanism and takes care that epidermis cells in epithelium layer are not removed. There are various types of Epilator and one of them being spring Type which contains robust part which does not require any replacement on frequent basis. You can find other varieties like corded, battery operated and rechargeable ones. Battery models can be used in wet or dry condition. We would list Top 10 best hair removal epilator models to select the best one for you.

Best epilator

1. Philips Epilator HP6512 For Women (White and Purple)

This is the perfect machine for getting smooth skin. After removing hairs using this Phillips epilator, you can stay clean and fresh for weeks. Dual speed option allows you to manage speed according to your availability and length of hairs being cut. Supports multiple voltage range 100-240V AC single phase power supply so can be used at multiple locations in the world. Cleaning procedure of this machine is easy. This model does not cause much pain and is very friendly to your skin type. Can cut as short as 0.5mm hair length. Hair lift and massage attachments comes along with the standard unit that ensures that the flat hairs are easily removed and the ice massage soothing your body after hair removal process.


Ice glove application after the epilation feels good for skin irritation since this is a dry use machine.

Very less pain which is actually a girl can beer. Trimmer and shaver is a good combo though.

No need of second swipe. Only one swipe, this can blow off the hair! And gives you smooth skin.

Affordable price.


Louder operation

Carded usage

2. Philips Epilator HP6519

Buy Philips HP6519 Epilator Beige & White from Snapdeal

HP6519 philips epilator giving optimum airflow and better driving power ensures that fine hairs are removed with perfection. Narrow concentrator concentrates on hard to reach areas and give stylish cut without creating much mess. Dual speed settings are flexible and can be easily set depending upon your requirement. Size is compact and so can be easily carried along in handbag or travelling pouch. Although you may not get smooth skin but the product is really effective to remove short and long hairs when you don’t have time to go to parlors and cleanup yourself. This model is fully washable.


Sensitive area cap and massage attachments are good.

Pain is there but can be bearable.

Washable head makes cleaning easy.

Too many good reviews about the product.Price also cheap comparing with other brands.


Bit noisy

Heats up on continuous usage for more than half an hour. But it is obvious that for any device which moves fast will heats up for a long usage. Give some rest to your epilator in between.

Corded usage

3. Braun Epilator Silk-epil Series 7 7951 Skin Spa  for Women


Buy Braun SE7951 Epilator for Women (White) from Snapdeal

This smart and intelligent product beautifully designed to perform two basic treatments of hair removal for Women. This Epilator comes integrated with exfoliation brush and can be used on both wet and dry skin .You can even use this product while taking bath or shower. Performance accuracy is 4 times better than the waxing .Exfoliation brush performing scrubbing 4 times greater than scrubbing done manually. Sensitive areas can be cleaned using a special cap that comes along with standard packaging. Can be used for approx.40-minutes while cordless state.Considered one of the best epilator for massage and getting relief from pain. Cleaning procedure of this machine is a bit tedious task as the hairs sometimes get tangled and cannot be easily removed. So, it is advised to keep the machine clean on frequent basis. Removing hairs from face can be a difficult one but slight care is enough to operate this machine.


Wet usage is an excellent idea to reduce the pain and quick epilation. Few people feels dry application is smooth.

Removes even the finest hairs.

Cordless usage

Additional features are good. Many customers are happy after buying it.


Price is bit costly. But if you can afford, this is the best one you can get it from the market.

In wet usage cleaning is difficult if you let the hair get tangled

Customer care centers are not found even in major cities. As per the official website only in Chennai service center is available for female grooming products of BROUN.

4. Braun Epilator Silk-epil Series 7 7681 for Women (White)


This cordless model can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. Saves your previous time spent on going to parlors and the usage method is convenient and considered best for beginners. Covers maximum area of your skin with minimal pain .Comes integrated with smart light that ensures easy visibility of small hairs. Massage system gives you relief from every day stress and pain. Olay/Olaz wipes comes along with the standard packaging list for providing more comfort while the machine is working. Since, the model runs on electricity,please take care while using this model as the charging cable may get loose and you may not be able to use the product effectively.


If you don’t want to go to saloons but looking for smooth and clear hair removal techniques, then this is the perfect model for you to choose from various models available in the market.

Short hairs can be removed without much pain.

Can be used to clean facial hairs.

Flexible head can be easily moved across hard to reach areas.


Charging cable is not properly installed and has been reported to be loose by some of their customers.

5. Philips Satinelle Epilator HP 6419/02  Essential  for Women


Buy Philips HP6419/02 Epilator White from Snapdeal

In case you need to go urgently on any sort of unplanned occasion, then this model is a perfect solution. Its performance lasts longer and you can move freely for almost 4 weeks once you have removed hairs from philips epilator HP6419/02.Extra shaving head comes integrated with the machine that is especially designed for sensitive areas like removing bikini line or underarms hairs. Remove hairs gently without pulling and cut length is as short as 0.5mm. Epilating head is detachable and can be easily cleaned after every hair cut. This model comes under corded device and produce small amount of noise,which is tolerable and do not disturb your normal conversation.


Hairs can be easily removed in your private room without showing your private parts in saloons.

Root hairs removal is a simple task and you get clear skin for approx. 15-20 days.

Quality of this epilator is good and satisfactory.


Motor of this model sometimes creates problem and stops working. In that case, you need to take it to Philips service center located near to you to fix the issue.

6. Philips Satinelle Epilator HP 6421/00  Essential  for Women


Buy Philips HP6421 Epilator White from Snapdeal

HP6421/00 is a perfect model for trimming leg and Body hairs.Corded model runs on single phase voltage. 21Tweezers and 2 speed settings allows you to set hair length and speed according to your need and occasion you are going to .This machine is a perfect alternative for people who fear waxing or shaving. Price wise, model comes under budgetary option, removes leg hair without much pain as seen in other conventional models. Creates less noise and is user-friendly. Motor of this model is not that powerful and sometimes gives you feeling that it is underpowered with less suction capacity. Epilator disc may grip some hairs after removal but don’t worry as the cleaning procedure is easy. Sensitive cap protects your private parts like bikini line and underarms. This model is considered best for leg and body hairs.


Initially you may find trimming painful like waxing but as you start using the machine, the amount of pain will reduce to a considerable amount.

This epilator can easily pull small hairs of length 0.5mm also.

This model comes along with long flexible wire, that allows you to easily move it from one place to another.


This model is corded and cannot be operated on battery.

Using for face is not advisable.

7. Braun Silk-epil Series 5 5280 Epilator for Women (White)


Buy Braun Silk-epil 5 5280 Epilator – with Comfort system & 3 attacheme… from Snapdeal

Silk-epil Series 5 5280 Epilator is considered perfect for women who have no time to go to parlors and get them cleaned. This model comes with Soft Lift Tips technology that allows you to easily remove hairs which are lying flat on body surface. Smart Light is an added advantage of buying this model that ensures that hairs are perfectly trimmed in low lights or you can even trim or cut small length hairs. This comfortable machine comes with massage rollers that add more comfort and relief while your hairs are plucked. Model is compact in size and maintains hygiene .This corded design works on 100-240V single phase power supply. Rechargeable battery is not a standard part of packaging list and so you need to connect this device to mains while using it. Cooling gloves relaxes your skin by providing comfort zone while trimming or cutting hairs. This model has shown positive results and many of its customers find the model value for Money product.


Washable attachments maintain hygiene and keeps your body neat and clean.

Cooling pads remove any kind of burning sensation after you have trimmed hairs using this model.

After trimming also, you get smooth hairs instead of thick of black ones.


Cord connection with the Epilator is loose and creates problem sometimes.

This unit is corded and hence you cannot be flexible while using it.

8. Braun Silk-epil Series 3 3270 Epilator for Women (Pink)


Buy Braun 3270 Epilator for Women (Pink & White) from Snapdeal

Silk-epil 3 3270 Series model is corded Epilator with massaging rollers for more comfort and flexibility. Massage gives you relaxation from every day stress and pain. Shaver head and trimmer cap comes along with the standard packaging list. This compact yet powerful model is perfectly designed for getting smooth skin without much pain.20-Tweezers system is highly efficient and efficiently removes in-root hairs delivering smooth and hygienic skin free from hairs. Soft Lift Tip technology removes hairs which are flat in shape and lie down on skin. Tweezers work coherently to remove fine hairs. 2-speed settings can be set according to your need and timings availability. Fast speed increases removal process without giving much pain. Runs on 100-240Vsingle phase power supply.Comes with a cleaning brush that allows you to clean the machine without much hassle. But doing underarms can be a painful task sometimes using this machine. Tweezers system containing 20 tweezers only covers less area of your skin and hence sometimes takes more time to remove wider area.


This model saves considerable amount of money which is generally paid at parlors.

Easy to use Epilator gives you smooth and glowing skin while sitting at home.


Product quality is good, but in case you want to use it for more than 30-minutes then the body will get heat up. So, you may switch it off and don’t run continuously

This model does not remove complete hairs in one time and you need to use epilator at least 2 times to get accurate results.

Noise created while you are using it, is very scary.

9. Braun Silk-epil Series 1 1170 Epilator for Women (Pink)


Silk-epil 1 1170 is one of the basic models in epil range of trimmers offered by Braun .Removes hairs that lasts for weeks and not days as committed by other conventional models of this range.20 Tweezers system removes hairs easily and you can easily move around for weeks without any worry for hair trimming at parlors. This model is perfect for cleaning legs and in case you want to remove facial hairs then other models are also available in Braun range of trimmers which can add on to this product and satisfy your day to day needs. For chin also, this is a good product satisfying its valuable customers to the utmost level. This model comes with standard 12V power adapter that can be connected to mains and easily used for hair removal. Root Hairs can be easily removed by carrying this model at 90 degrees else you may not perfect results. This Epilator comes with 1 speed setting and can cut as fine as 0.5mm length. Easy to use Silk-epil 1 1170 is user-friendly with any slippage .Gripping is firm and you can easily remove professional style hairs at home without any worries. Its sleek yet compact design can be easily carried in your handbag, travelling bag or carrying case and is considered as your true companion for attending meetings at different locations. Take care of your skin type as sometimes, pricking hurts when you use this trimmer.


Size is compact and light weight. Can be easily carried anywhere.

Noise created by the model is bearable and do not disturbs your normal conversation.


Pain created by this epilator is not bearable.

Model claims to be hair free for weeks but prominent hairs are seen only after 2-3 days.

Pricking develops marks on skin which are very ugly and makes skin rough.

10. Philips BRE200-00 EPILATOR Epilators Pink


Buy Philips BRE200-00 EPILATOR Epilators Pink from Snapdeal

BRE200-00 Philips Epilator is perfect for legs, arms and underarm areas. This corded model comes in 1 speed setting that allow you to handle the machine according to the length of hair grown on your skin.Most of its trusted customers are satisfied with the performance and consider it far better than normal waxing procedures.They consider epilation 4 times better than waxing and even mess created to conventional waxing is very high as compared to epilation.0.5mm is the shortest length that can be cut using this model and this is around 4 times shorter than length cut in waxing. Tweezing disc easily removes hairs without plucking so the amount of pain is also less. This model comes with a sensitive area cap that allows you to easily clean bikini line, armpits hairs without much pain. Epilator head can be easily washed so no need to worry on maintaining hygiene. Round shape body can be easily handled and griped firmly in hands. Model comes with a cleaning brush that allows you to easily clean epilation disc. No Chargeable battery is provided along with the standard packaging, you simply need to plug this device in mains and use it .Super noisy feature sometimes irritates customers but its performance overshadows everything.


This model is good in case you want hair free skin each day.

Long flexible cord gives you enough to move around and clean hairs without creating much mess.

Hairs can be removed even from the roots so no thick hairs from now.


This model covers very small area in one time so, takes time to completely remove hairs from your skin.

Chargeable battery not provided as a part of standard accessory.

Do’s And Don’ts

The Do’s
  • It is advised to take a warm bath before epilation as this will reduce pain and give comfort.
  • For removing hairs completely in a short period of time, move the epilator opposite to the hair growth direction.
  • If you have long hairs to be removed, first use a trimmer and then use epilator to plug it out. Because long hairs stuck in the head resulting in a painful process and cleaning the epilator head will become hectic.


The Don’t s
  • Do not press epilator hard against your skin. You may end up with some scratches.
  • More than twice in the more sensitive areas like underarm and bikini line irritate much. So buy a good quality best epilator which can blow off the hairs in one or two swipes.
  • Don’t give much time for the hair to grow long. Long hairs make pain and cleaning issues as stated earlier.
  • Don’t use the epilator continuously for half an hour or more. Give some rest in-between epilation in order to increase the battery life (in case of cordless) and dissipate the heat generated.


Although you may find many positive and many negative points highlighted by us in the above list, still we would advise you to select the best product keeping you requirement and pocket in view.Many Manufactures are in-line with the Manufacturing more range and varieties of trimmers for Women keeping their sensitive skin on priority. Some Things you need to see before buying any Epilator are the power with which the motor is rated. This will determine the plucking or suction capacity of the model. In case you are looking for any trimmer for travelling purpose only, then you must go for cordless ones. In order to excel in market, manufacturers are adding more features to grab more customers, but you are requested to keep your budget and necessity on the top in order to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Feel free to ask any question about epilators and comment below if this post is helpful to you!

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