Best One Hand Games for Commuters

Best One Hand Games for Commuters

One hand games encountering challenges with fun is a favorite past time of millions of commuters. We are enlisting approx. 10 best rated commuter games that will entertain in best possible ways.

 Best one hand games

1. MonsterBusters: Match 3 Puzzle

best commuter game

Challenging Game with ultimate strategies to grab constant attention.


Fun and exciting game costs very less as compared to other Games.

Simple Game with challenges and amazing Graphical presentation will drive you crazy.

Cute characters and pleasant music will never let you get bored


This game can be played online only, so people with no internet connection cannot access it.

Not possible to play anywhere because of its Internet dependence.


2. 9GAG Redhead Redemption


This Game includes Red Headed Sister named May and her brother called Gun Slinging Baby George protecting you against Zombies with fun and excitement


Certain in-apps need real money purchase and this is an optional feature and hence can be unlocked.

Main Menu music is very catchy and entertains player while playing the Game.


Crashing of Game sometimes is an issue with the Downloading part.

Occupies lot of space of RAM, processing becomes slow and hence makes it a bit boring to play.


3. Plants War

Plants-WarAmazing Game with strategy to preserve the last life source of Planet Earth. War Game advancing at every next level to get Leafy character unlocked on the screen.


Real-time strategically planned Game will keep you addicted.

3D Graphics with Zoom control in actions is ultimate.


Fun and exciting Game but a bit costlier in-app purchases do not let player higher levels.

Leaf points are difficult to earn and increases confusion while playing.


4. Flick Shoot 2


Football Free Kick Game with new and upgraded Single Player modes, multiple missions and reward points earned in this Game keep player motivated. You can spend unlimited hours while playing it.


3D Graphics, animations, flick shoots will keep player busy with its unique approach.

Multiple language options allow people of different countries to play. English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish! Supported by this game.


Advertisements pop up in middle of Game and are unbearable by the player playing with interest.


5. Turbo Kids

Turbo-KidsOutdoor Game full of fun and entertainment. Opponent can be freezed by shooting Ice Bullets. Trap bullet traps opponent and help you to win the Game.


Fun and thrilling Game with new adventures for Kids encouraging them to tackle difficult problems of life.


Advertisement occupying full screen irritates player and sometimes become intolerable while playing.

Game sometimes crashes in between and obstructs player way to going to higher levels.


6. Bubble Shooter

Bubble-ShooterEasy to play Game can be played by anyone with little or no knowledge of playing professional high—skilled games. Player needs to collect as many possible points as possible to score highest in the game.


Perfect game to entertain in free time. No Gems collection or real money involved.


Not compatible with iPod touch 3rd generations.

Screen freezes in the middle of game and irritates player.

Advertisements covering upper screen block the passage of playing game.


7. Score! World Goals


Soccer game involving teams across the globe. After every successful game, you get stars according to your performance.3 star symbolizing you played like a real game, where one-star depicts that you missed some details of the game while playing.


Simple and entertaining game easily catches players’ attention.

Graphics are cool and gives you real-like play experience.

200 different level divided intelligently brings versatility in game.


Compatible with Android phones or Tablets of v2.3 and higher only.


8. Go-Go-Goat!


This game involves tilting your phone or Tablet in order to jump as high as possible. You can easily hop and reach at the top in very cutest way made by yourself. This game is really funny, cute enough and make player additive of it.



No climbing limits make you free to play.

Pleasant musical background soothing your everyday stress and pain.

Precise controlling system is perfect to understand.


Advertisements that pop up while you are playing irritates player and should come after completion of any level instead of coming in between.


9. 2048 Number puzzle game


This Puzzle Game based on Numbers is perfect for Android phone users.2048 combination of numbers in tiles represents victory and adds reward points in user’s account. Two tiles with same numbers get merged. You simply need to swipe to move tiles from one position to another.3 unique Games Modes especially, survival mode is really interesting and catches attention of player and people around the player easily.


Multi-Player mode keeps player attentive and curious about the new levels.

Night themes are entertaining and gives you enough space to play in bed time.


Chromecast Ads and other ads which pop up blocks the display screen and passage for player to play.

Undo option of Game is not effective enough and sometimes undo the task multiple times.


10. Move it! Free – Block puzzle


This Puzzle Game comes with 300 different puzzles containing 6 difficulty levels which can be selected according to the capability of the player. Level determines the challenging capacity and higher the level, more will the puzzle will challenge. Strategy behind the game play is to move as fast as possible.


This Game is simple yet challenging, becomes tough as you increase the level of difficulty.

Smooth game without much proficiency required.

This Game is challenging and gives player multiple options to think and expand their horizon of handling things from different angles.


Sometimes, you are forced to play irrespective of your wish. More control systems should be added to make it more flexible.


All of above games involve your time, thinking and smart availability. Rejuvenates you during boring journey time. Not only this above listed Games can be easily downloaded, but also no doubt are the best Games we came across the globe for the commuters. It is up to you to choose and download the best one or more to keep you busy and entertained.

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