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Best Water Purifier in India

The third type we are going to discuss is based on RO technology and models are discussed as per their ranks

Best RO water purifier in India

1 EurekaForbes Aquasure Springfresh DX 8Ltr RO Water Purifier

EurekaForbes Aquasure Springfresh purifier is a unique purifier in terms of its filtration process. It promises the pure water without any microbe. 5 purifying stages have been indulged into this purifier with reverse Osmosis, which makes it better than other purifiers. Its total capacity is 8 liters. One unique feature is that it gets automatically shut down if it is not in use for 10 minutes. So it saves the electricity as well.


  • Customer care supports it good
  • This product is compact in design
  • It saves electricity because of its shutoff feature

  • Quality of waste water is huge

2 EurekaForbes Aquasure Nano RO 4 L RO Water Purifier

If you feel that your family is getting sick again and again due to direct tap water then this product is for you. It not only removes physical and chemical impurities from the water, also it keeps your family safe from water related diseases. It is strongly recommended for salty, Khaara and brackish water. It can be mounted on the wall very easily and can be kept on the table as well. It comes with energy saving feature with 1 year warranty.


  • Advanced alert system is indulged into this purifier
  • It reduces 90% TDS
  • It comes with compact design with 4 liter of capacity

  • Customer care service is poor

3 Aquaguard Enhance RO (White & Grey)

This purifier is the ideal for the big house holds because of shape, design and large capacity. It removes the impurities like zinc, chorine, bacteria etc. so the water gets purified after removing these impurities. It comes with nominal price with 1 year warranty. Due to its stylish design, it provides different look to your kitchen. Its TDS reduction rate is 90% and its water storage capacity is 12 liter.


  • Attractive design and it starts very quietly
  • Awesome product with timely delivery
  • TDS reduction is good with huge storage capacity

  • After sales service is not good
  • Sometime tank leakage problem can be there

4 Pureit Marvella Slim RO 4 L RO Water Purifier

The product from Hindustan Unilever is bound to provide you the purest water from any other water purifier because of fast urbanization around you. The manufacturer provides 1 year of warranty for this product. This product is for small family as it has only 4 liter of storage capacity and it purify 9 to 12 liter of water in an hour. It has 90% of TDS reduction rate and also it has 15 days advanced alert system which notifies you if any replacement is required.


  • It is easy to operate
  • Can be cleaned easily and it has very compact design
  • No annual maintenance contract. When needed then pay

  • Complete information is not there on snapdeal and extra cylinder needs to be installed
  • As it store 4 liters of water, so not enough storage capacity

5 Aquaguard Reviva 8 L RO Water Purifier

This product comes with 5 stage purification processes which remove all the impurities like minerals, ions, dirt, bacteria, cysts etc. This product works on any kind of water from any source. Its 5 stage purification, advance alert system and 90% TDS reduction capacity makes it unique among all the purifiers. It can be easily installed on the wall as it has very compact design. It is good product for huge house hold as it can store 15 liter of water.


  • Built in voltage stabilizer to handle the voltage fluctuation
  • Huge storage capacity. So good for big families
  • It is made of high grade plastic

  • Service is not good. Company takes more than 1 week to install the product


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