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Best Water Purifier in India

The fourth technology being Gravity and models are discussed as per their ranks

Best Gravity water purifier in India

1 Pureit Intella 12Litres Water Purifier

Pureit Intella is a reliable water purifier with 4-stage purification technology. Comes with integrated advanced alert system that indicates purifier Germ kill status. This indicator alerts user when to change the Germ kill Kit. This model has overall purification capacity of up to 1500 liters of water at moderate conditions.


  • RO Protection lock automatically turns off the purifier when it detects the expiry of Germ kill Kit
  • Engineering grade plastic made from food-safe non-toxic material
  • Easy to use model has easy installation procedures

  • Standing water creates a problem and doesn’t flow down

2 Tata Swach 27 Ltr Silver Boost Water Purifier

This Tata Swach Water purifier is a non-electric model and comes with a total water storage capacity of 27 liters. This model ensures pure and healthy water flow by combining technologies driven by the highly powerful MF Membrane and the Nano technology. Multi-stage purification takes water through multiple stages and removes harmful chemicals, bacteria that affect water purity. Total life of filter is up to 3000Liters.


  • This Tata model has received many International Awards for its performance
  • Portable design
  • Easy to use and install

  • Outer body made from opaque plastic doesn’t give any indication of the water level in storage tank
  • Water leakage is a problem at times

3 Kent 22 Ltr Gold Star Water Purifier

This Kent water purifier comes with a warranty of 1 year and is made from food grade plastic. This model has storage capacity of 14liters of water with purification capacity of up to 22liters. Kent purifier is basically designed for treating soft water. This model doesn’t need Electricity and uses Gravity to circulate water between the filters for purification.


  • Very simple and easy to use product.
  • Although the model is not RO but water purification is perfectly healthy
  • Value for money product
  • Durable product

  • This is not a RO but many people get confused buying it
  • Water taste is not so good
  • Cleaning is not easy
  • Water flow rate is very slow

4 Pureit Advanced 14 Ltr Gravity Water Purifier

This Pureit Water purifier has a water storage capacity of 14 liters and comes with a Germ Kill Indicator that alerts user on status of this kit. Filters have long life of filtering 1500 liters of water. Advanced Auto-shut off features indicates user about the expiration of Germ Kill Kit.


  • No electricity, Gas or Tap connection required for installation
  • Inner body made from engineering grade, non-toxic plastic safe for drinking purpose

  • This model works only for treating soft water
  • Water overflow problem starts after the tank fills 5-6 liters of water

5 Pureit Classic 14Litres Water Purifier

This Pureit Water purifier uses Gravity to purify water. Top chamber has a water storage capacity of up to 5 liters and the total storage being 14 liters. Its body designed from engineering grade food safe plastic. 4-stage purification and a germ kill kit removes harmful chemicals and bacteria present in the water causing water borne ailments.


  • No installation required
  • No Gas or Electricity connection required
  • Works perfect for purifying soft water
  • Water taste is good
  • Compact size occupies less kitchen space

  • Water overflow issues occur in most of the cases



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