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Best Water Purifier in India

The fifth technology being used is UV and models are discussed as per their ranks

Best UV water purifier in India

1 EurekaForbes Aquaguard Compact 20-Watt Water Purifier

You may have fresh water source in your kitchen but believe us that tap water is not safe and fit for drinking until or unless it passes through water purifier. Traditionally, people preferred boiling water to remove germs from it but now, boiling water on stoves has become a tedious task. It is always better to buy some compact, economical yet advanced electrical water purifier from the market to get pure and safe water. EurekaForbes Aquaguard is a gift for your family health. This model uses a mixture of e-Boiling and latest technology to remove disease-causing microbes like bacteria, virus, etc from the water. Not only had these impurities this water purifier model easily removes dissolved dirt with its Heptapure cartridge.

Biotron cartridge breaks down complex water compounds into smaller ones so that they can be easily absorbed of the essential minerals.


  • 4-stage purification removes harmful bacteria and germs and makes water fit for drinking purpose

  • Customer care is pathetic
  • This model purifies water online that means inlet pipe should provide water service every time you want to dispense pure water from this model 

2 EurekaForbes Aquasure Crystal UV Water Purifier

Aquasure Crystal uses UV Water purification technology to purify water in the 3-stages of purification. This model passes impure water from the higher level to the lower one so that impurities get dissolved using activated carbons. This model doesn’t require any electricity connection and this makes this Crystal UV Water Purifier a best choice for people looking for models that save energy and your money that is otherwise spent on paying the electricity bills. This model comes integrated with an error alert indicating the user status of water level in the tank. When the storage tank gets filled with water, an error indicator will buzz alerting user. This model reduces TDS level to 90%. Filters have a total life of purifying 6000 liters of water. This model has a purification capacity of 120 liters of water. Body made from Engineering Grade Plastic material doesn’t harm water stored inside the tank.


  • Brand name itself gives customer’s satisfaction
  • This model is one of the best under UV water purifiers
  • Amazing product at such an affordable price

  • Customer care service not satisfactory 

3 EurekaForbes Aqua smart UV Water Purifier

EurekaForbes Aquaguard smart water purifier uses 3-stage water purification technology to dispense safe water for your family. This model comes integrated with Quartz UV Filtration that allows water to pass high-grade glass without coming in contact with the metal parts. This model bears an added advantage of built-involtage stabilizer that ensures its smoother working even in the case of voltage fluctuations. Save your energy consumption and drink100% pure water.

This model has water dispensing capacity of2 liters per minute, averaging weight of 4.1 kg.


  • Simple and easy to use product
  • Installation is easy
  • Durable construction
  • Compact in size

  • Water doesn’t flow straight and you need to hold bottle until it is filled completely

4 EurekaForbes Aquaguard Classic Water Purifier

This Aquaguard Classis water purifies uses a 3-stage purification technology to provide fresh and healthy water safe for drinking. Classic purifier comes with an Intelligent Purity Sensor System that acts as scanner to scan water and give 100% safe and chemical-free water.

EurekaForbes Aquaguard Classic water purifier working is based on the UV Technology for boiling the water. Here, the tap water is exposed to UV Rays. These rays then boil the water and kills germs dissolved inside it. Similar to what traditional people did to purify water. Boiling the water leaves no scope of contamination. This 3-stage purification procedure is free from chemical free and rather a natural process.

This model has a lower power rating of 18 Watts and runs on 230V AC/50 Hz single phase power supply. Body is made fromfine grade material, and hence it is durable. Maintenance and cleaning part is rather easier than other models of this range. Its elegant design increases your kitchen look and feel. Size of this purifier being W X D X H355x1-2.5×307 mm weighs 4.16 kg, so you can easily install this light-weight purifier and mount it on wall to save kitchen space.


  • Water taste is good
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money product
  • Reliable product

  • Installation is free of cost as per instruction Manual but the company’s service man at times charges for the quick installation.
  • Poor customer service

5 Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

This Kent water purifier uses 3-Stage Purification Technology to give germ and odor free water safe for drinking.Kent has used the latest UV purification technology to remove water impurities. This model comes with Advanced UV Alert System that triggers automatically when any problem is observed in the UV lamp. This water purifier uses the UV as one of the main purification methods so any problem related to the UV lamp will give un-purified water. The alarm system helps you to avoid such circumstances. This purifier has a purification capacity of 1 Liters of water in single minutes. 69 liters of water can be stored. Body made from Engineering Grade Plastic material makes water safe for drinking.


  • Value for money product
  • Instruction manual is detailed in brief making it less complicated
  • Water quality is clear and taste better than other models of this range

  • Customer care is not supportive
  • Motor doesn’t come integrated with the unit and so the water flows drop-wise irritating user by its slow speed

All these 25 models are Best water purifier in India made by well-known manufacturer and so offer service support ensuring maximum customers satisfaction.  Hope you will find this list useful and refer to it while buying any new water purifier.

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