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Best Easy but Fun games for kids for mobiles/tablets in 2016


Mobile Games are becoming a craze these days. For phones and Tablets users, thousands of games are available and it has really become difficult to choose the best one. For kids, it is better to start from easy yet funny game to keep them busy and entertained. We are jolting down 10 best games that hopefully will strike your kid to entertain. Pros and cons listed to create more awareness about the game.

 Funny games for kids

1. Candy Crush Saga


This game is very popular and has been followed by its predecessors Candy Crush Soda Saga & Farm Heroes Saga. Two adventurous people called Join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee on their way to Candy Kingdom; travel across magical lands, wonderful places and meets fantastic kookie characters. This puzzle game containing hundreds of levels is amazing and the sweetest game ever seen.


Funny game exciting with easy and difficult levels making the game apt for kids, beginners and naïve players. Drop of Candies determines the game performance .Sometimes you may take seconds or sometimes even 4-5 days. Apart from this game is additive one.

Top of the table of best easy but funny games for kids games list with more number downloads and ease of playing.


Many people receive request on Facebook with Candy Crush Invite but when they click the link, nothing happens. This is quite annoying.

Jackpot reward is not satisfying and many players even don’t get it after winning in the Game.


2. Word Streak with Friends Free


Do you love accepting challenges and want to become a genius while finding words. Then join this brilliant funny  game, accepted by millions who are playing it successfully. Word Streak with Friends is a fantastic game will definitely make you addictive. You can score maximum by finding as many words as you can. This game is independent of direction but the timing is very important.


This game is fun to play and challenging enough to find the new words with speed. You can even score more than your opponent by speeding up power using 3 rounds option.


Many in-app purchases requiring payment through real money.

When you are playing with this app, all musical sounds message alert, notifications are not heard and hence blocks your way to handling other important works.


3. Atomas


Games for kids included with science lessons is a nice gift to your child. Interesting game can be easily learned in few seconds and will keep you entertained for long time. This Game involves some chemistry and starts with the small hydrogen atoms. These 2 atoms with the help of energy rich plus atom fuse to form one Helium atom.2 Helium atom fuse to form one Lithium and the process goes on. Main objective of this game is formation of Gold, Platinum and Silver.


This funny game does not occupy much space in RAM and hence phone or Tablet performance is not affecting after downloading it.


Although Game is easy to learn but mastering it is a difficult task.


4. Despicable Me


This funny game is brand new .Minions, yellow colored are mischievous. So, are you ready to take the challenge? This children game prepares jelly and player needs to collect exotic fruits to make it more delicious. You jump, scroll and do multiple tasks to win this mission.


This game is really fun to play. Graphics are amazing and would drive you crazy.


New updates of this game do not work and takes your phone in unnecessary loop.


5. Subway Surfers


This Game is all about speed. You need to DODGE the trains coming to your sides. In this Game, Jake, Tricky & Fresh need your help to escape from the clever Inspector carrying his dog for finding them.This Game features grinding oncoming trains with your crew. One of the best kids game, which is easy to play.


HD graphics are amazing and will definitely change your view of playing any game on mobile.

The more you go to higher levels, more will the speed becomes.

Game sometimes repeats itself and that’s very annoying for any player to play again and again.


6. Hay Day


Hay Day is one of the most loved games amongst farming games running on Android phones and Tablets. This Game has been ranked number 1 across 122 different countries. Through this innovate game, you learn to lay the land, garner your crops, and do trading of goods with your friends and neighbors’ .This place is very special as crops are never destroyed even in rainy season. You share the farm with quirky animals and this is the best part of game that makes it more fun to play.


This Game has been rated 5-star by more than 3 million players of Google Play store.


Screen freezes in the middle while the game is loading.


7. CSR Racing


This ultimate car racing Game with dragging cars across city streets, containing more than 95 branded cars with license like Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bugatti, Hennessey, McLaren and Koenigsegg. Amazing graphics will make to addicted to this gameplay .You can either play a quick race or strap-in yourself on grand tour to reach at the top of the leaderboards.


More than 100miliion satisfied players found this game exciting.


Some in-app purchases required to move at further stages of the game. So,it is rather better to buy a real game instead of playing virtually on screen.


8. Hungry Shark Evolutions


This aquatic adventure will give you more adventure and thrill than any other game. Hungry shark is controlled in this game packed with action, fun and entertainment. Player collects varieties of shark and evolves them. Varieties may include Hammerhead, Great White and Megalodon!


Awesome game, fun to play and pass spare time.

Relaxing game is really stress relieving.


Advertisements pop up in middle of game, but you can block ads by making some purchase.

In-app purchases required to buy additional accessories or upgrade the Game.

Game sometimes freezes while player is enjoying it and this irritates player and blocks his way to play.


9. Into the Dead


This game throws player into devastating world of zombies where no one gets second chance to survive. You need to save yourself by hook or by crook, move as fast as possible .Keep moving and run away when the dead wakes up. Video and Music quality is stunning. You can even unlock special weapons to protect yourself from the dead.


This Game is one of the best among killing Zombies and striving hard to stay alive.


Expensive game .In-app purchases, which ask you to pay real money for buying some accessories or weapons, are really very costly.

This game sometimes freezes in the middle and blocks player from playing it further.


10. Dumb Ways to Die


Take lives of dumb characters in your hands and control them the way you want. After downloading this game for free, you can enjoy playing 15 hilarious mini-games which will allow you to collect all adorable and cute dumb characters especially for stations of your train. Likewise, you can really achieve high scores. Music and videos can be unlocked to get more fun and entertainment.


Funny game with cool graphics keeping you entertained for hours.


Some mini games are not possible in new updates, so limits player from playing more.


Every coin has 2 sides likewise; every game has more positive and less negative points .We have listed 10 best games for children which are funny and easy to play with their main pros and cons.You can easily download any or all depending upon your interest to play them.

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