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Top 10 Best cute and feminine games for girls

Females are pretty busy with their hectic work schedule .Whether they are at home or in office, they are tensed and want to get relief from their stress. Mobile is one such invention which is found available by most of Men and Women. Here we would list around 10 cute and best Games especially meant for girls.  All games revolving around cute Fairy tales, animation characters and many more to add glamour and adventure in life. You can download any of these best girl games for your mobile/tablet from Android/iOS/Windows app store.

Games for girls List

Games for girls

1. Demi Lovato: Path to Fame


This Game can be joined today and you can really become a superstar of your on by creating your look, band and voice quality. Player can design her character, by selecting proper dress, hairs, skin tone, eyes and many more. True Love can be found in terms of favorite musician, co-actor or any neighbor. Hanging around with friends and band of Demi is a fun activity.


Romance story and other creations really keep you busy and entertained.

Although this app need real money to buy few items, but the best part of this app is you can disable this functionality and save your pocket form spending money.

Top of the table of best games for girls list with very high players satisfaction.


This Game crashes at higher level and player keep on losing interest if the Game crashes in middle.

Passing to new episode takes as long as 3-4 hours which is ridiculous and not accepted.

To change your look and appeal you need to buy gems ,for example if you are not happy with the carpet laid on floor and want to change it to red ,then you need to pay additional gems .

Waiting time for ticket is annoying.

2. Happy Pet Story


This Game allows you to play with your virtual pet, sell, and feed or change clothes according to the instructions given on screen or as per demand of your pet. Out of all pet games for girls, this is the best one as per the ratings provided by the players.


This Game teaches player social behavior.

Happy Pet story will drive you crazy and you will be more additive and conscious with feeding your pet or your friend.


Downloading this Game sometimes creates a problem and crash occurs while you are playing it.

3. Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town


This Game is about building a magical castle in Fairy Town. You can dress up your fantasy fairy town with amazing decoration items provided virtually in the game. Beautifully created fairy farms and skyscrapers containing fresh fruits and vegetables. You will see Sparkling fairy dust every-where .In this Game, you will learn to grow magical poison to scare witch which threatens villagers. Fairy Kingdom is another creative thing that can be done in this Fantasy Island. More decorative items can be unlocked to enhance beauty of your Fairy Kingdom and Island.


No internet connection is required to play and so, you can play it anywhere.

2 Games comes as free and can be played without any hassle.

You receive free gifts daily that can be sent to your friends and relatives.

If you search for a best fashion games for girls, you will probably end up here.


Consume much space is RAM so makes processor speed slow.

4. My Talking Angela


This Game is new and about your Exploration with animated Angela who talks and her world can be customized by changing her dressing sense, fashion, hairstyle, makeup, home and many more things that will drive you crazy and even addictive to this cute game. Around 165 million satisfied players have downloaded this game successfully. Angela is a baby pet; you can customize her in your own way. You can her grow smart and beautiful. You can brush her teeth, feed her food, drape her clothes and do other personal activities with fun.


Currency for buying different items is virtual and so you can play unlimited.

Apps requiring real money can be locked to safe your child from overspending.

This is the most downloaded game in the games for girls category.


This Game is addictive and makes your kid prone to this game and he or she is bound to play more and spend their precious time in playing it instead of spending that time in studies.



Player can join this game and create her own stylish beauty and appearance. You can create your own star, customize looks, give her 100s’ of style traits and even include look of Kim Karashian star.


This Game is considered great for fashion lovers.


Popping ads is a hurdle while playing. Sometimes, closing ad takes you back to home screen.

You may not access app even after downloading as the process is slow.

After buying new device, player will have to start from the beginning.

Some things are very expensive that make this game only for VIPs’.



Take a ride on adventure with Twilight Sparkle & friends.Nightmare moon set free after being locked in moon for centuries spreads night in Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle and her friends are able to free Ponyville from caption bringing light and friendship feeling back on the land. After joining the Game, you help them rejuvenate the town and achieve their dreams come true.


Enjoy ultimate voice talents shown in the Game through inspiration by TV Shows.


Bugs not supported by the technical team, hence no support is provided.

Always keep password protection else you will end up purchasing unauthorized items.

7. Star Fashion Designer


If you are really dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, then here is your chance to do so. Unique styling sense is important and this game lets you experiment and learn new styles with different clients and participants.2 Fashion modes gives you vivid options for fashion styles.


This game lets you travel 12 new fashion locations.

You will get amazing experience of style, fashion and creating unique accessories.


Only 3 designs are needed to complete any level but many-a-times players need to complete 9 designs. This is a bug and no support is provided to fix it.

Screen sometimes crashes in the middle of game.

8. Covet Fashion – Shopping Game


Perfect game for girls who love to do shopping. You can recreate your own style, discover new trendy clothing style and get everything done according to your dreams. You can enhance your styling skills by creating different styles and outfits in this fashionista Game. Your fashion style has voting option for others, which can be liked or disliked according to their taste.


Buying Money and Diamond as reward is a bit difficult task, this encourages competitiveness in the Player.


A lot many app items require real money payment and that obstructs the way of creating unique fashion styles.

Loading Game is sometimes a difficult task.

9. Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush


This Game is mini play game and wants you to help Strawberry and friends to bake a fruitilicious cakes. After downloading the game, you will need to run, slide and tale a leap across the wonderful berry Bitty City and its fabulous world. You will have to capture strawberries, cherries, oranges and other delicious fruit items to make an amazing cake. Now you can decorate your virtual cake, and click a picture to share with your friends and relatives.


This game is perfect for cake lovers.


Many Characters require real money to be paid.

Advertisements pop up in the middle of game and obstruct your way of making a mind-blowing cake.

10. Dear Diary – Interactive Story


You will believe in what Destiny has in stored for you. Does u really want to become master of your Destiny? Anna Blake a high school girl making her way through school needs your help to take decisions in her life. Your decision will decide her fate. In this Game, you go through Anna’s diary and help her make important steps and take amazing adventures. Dear Diary is one of the best cool games for girls.


This idea of creating such a game based on story reading is very innovative and catches attention of the reader or player playing it.

This Play is additive, once you start reading it, you become curious to know about the findings on next page.

Doodle art done is very interesting and mind-boggling.

Game is free for play, some items can be purchased by paying real money .However, many in-app allows you to lock those items which require payment via real currency.


Long waiting time to get the second key delays playing time and hence irritates Reader. Second key is generated almost after every 24 hours which means reader can read only one page in a day and wait for 24 hours to move on to the other page.

This Game involves reading part only and no videos or fun like graphical activities. Mainly reading lovers will like this game.


We listed some of best Cute and Feminine Games which have been designed keeping women power in center. Most of the Games revolves around decorating, styling, dressing, designing, shopping etc all of which are favorite past times of women. Now you can choose any Game depending upon your area of interest and share your photos and views with your friends and relatives. All Games listed above have some positive and some negative points, it is up to you which side interests you more.

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