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Best Multiplayer Games Free for Mobiles/Tablets in 2016

Trilling and Fun Games are the topic of talk among youngsters and people of all generations. We are listing below around 10 best games that involve Multiplayer option to catch more interest and humor. These multi or 2 player games are easily available in Google play store/Apple store/Microsoft store and can be downloaded for free of cost.

Multiplayer games

1. Clash of Clans


This game can be downloaded and played for free however; some of the items are present in the Game which requires you to spend your real money. War of clans is interesting and you have to lead the game by winning the clash. Your clan can be created depending upon your choice of interest of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and many more fighters.


This new update provides new challenges and more adventure while the player is playing it.

Multiple level upgrades allow you to make 18 unique units.

Top of the table of multiplayer games list

Clash of Clans is the most downloaded game in the whole gaming world across all categories.


Children above 13 years can only play this game.

Downloading Game takes time and sometimes you return empty handed

Real money is involved while playing some of tasks.

This latest update in game does not come with dead base.




This game is free to play and some of the items can be purchased with spending real money to add more adventure and thrill.


Ultimate Gaming option with HD Visuals.

Real Time fight like feeling with Demon enemies

Multiple unique Dungeonsallow you to use your special skills.

This App uses terms and conditions of Glu Mobile, so all security rest in the privacy policy of Glu Mobile’s.

At good connection level, you can easily play at higher levels.


This app disconnect in the middle of game almost 20 times in one day.

Unwanted ads pop up in the middle of game and disrupts the whole mood to play.




This Multiplayer game with collection of battle excite player to play a new game every time. Powerful heroes can be unlocked to expand the horizon of game play. You can even upgrade your Samurai by adding more weapons and magical abilities. This Game is immersive and addicts person playing it.


Good Game with good gaming strategy .You can easily recruit new allies and prepare your defense army against Zombies.


Loading takes time and irritates player by its processing delay

This Game uses considerable space of RAM and hence slows down while you are playing it.

Cloud save is disturbing feature which resets everything back to initial position.

Glue credit need to be paid for playing advanced level.


4. Sniper Shooter Free – Fun Game


You simply need to aim target and shoot your enemies to become Hitman of the Game


Easy control systems can be played by beginners and naïve users

3D Graphics will change your view of playing games on Android phones and Tablets

Multiple targets and challenges keep you entertained and would never distract you playing it.

13Chapter game brings versatility and new story every time you play it.


You need to move the screen to play and no button is provided to change the direction

Ads keep on popping when you are playing, and this disturbs player sometimes.

Player needs to be accurate enough while shooting as he or she can shoot only head and not whole or any part of body.




This is one of the Zombie shooter and considered best amongst all. Player protects the whole world and gets tournaments in terms of winning award. Money can sometimes be earned from oilfields. This Game is constantly expanding its horizon to bring more thrills every time you play it. Ultimate graphics including water reflections in real-time, changing vegetation and enhanced ragdolls. You can Explore vivid locations and enjoy playing.


Zombie Global warfare contains more than 50 million survivors across the globe.

Player can have fun for hours while playing marathon sessions.

This Gaming console supports MOGA


Downloading Game takes time and really consumes interest of player. After download is fail, a general message slow or no Internet connection is received.

Internet connection is required to play game; hence the game is not portable.


6. Plague Inc.


This game built with strategic planning and realistic simulation approach grans attention easily. This unique game will drive your experience of mobile gaming to a complete new level. Plague Inc focuses on Global Health issues highlighted by Centre for Disease control and Prevention.


This Game has been rated no 1 by more than 200 million players across the globe

Amazing HD Graphics are infectious and communicable.

Comprehensive Help Tutorial guides you easily on Game play rules.


Sometimes Game does not shut down and keep on running in the background.

Loading genes is chargeable, involves real money for play.

Ads popping on screen occupies almost 1/3 of the display screen.


7. Asphalt 8: Airborne


Branded Engine in latest racing cars with race taking place in air doing aerial stunts is stunning and perfect for car lovers.Cars from across the world like like Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX , Lamborghini Aventador and other famous sports cars can be seen while playing .


13 different exciting locations for raceVenice, San Diego Harbor, Iceland, the Nevada Desert, Dubai and many other new locations will keep you entertained.


Almost 1.8GB Space required installing the Game in your Android phone or Tablet. This space reduces

Operation time and creates processing delays in the system.

Downloading crashes sometimes and does not allow player to play.


8. Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games


This Game involves player to shoot and become an ultimate shooter by removing crime from the world. Player simply needs to aim target and shoot to win or end the crime. Multiple thrilling missions keep you entertained and bring new adventure every time you play it.Letal Guns and Mortal Weapons used in the Game are amazing. This game is free and easily available on Android phone and Tablets.


This Game is all-time favorite of almost 60 million users.

3D Graphic and high-end animations will take your heart away.

This offline game can be played anywhere without any Internet connection.


Constant messages for spending real money on buying weapons, power-ups and many more items irritates you while you are playing it.

This Game is mostly advised for children under 10 and adults may find it Childish.




This Game is unique and marks excellence symbol .BADLAND is side-scrolling game involving action, thrill and adventure in forest which is full of inhabitants, flowers and trees. This forest consists of an amazing fairy tale with players controlling dwellers in order to find upcoming of forest. Obstacles and traps obstructs players way and he need to win over all to get the award.


This Game is loved by more than 30 million players across the world.

Can be played on Android/iOS/Windows phones, Tablets and TV’s.

Difficulty level keep player busy and enthusiastic of the new invention and level being run while playing it.


Initially Game is interesting but at certain high level, it may freeze at a point and player may be asked to start all over again.

Popping ads which can’t be closed in the middle of play irritates player.


10. Duet


Duet as the name suggests, player need to control two vessels in one go. You need to synchronize, survive all hurdles that come in way. This game if free to play and many ads keep on popping to guide you on latest upcoming in the show.


This Game is interesting and would never let you stop it even after finishing the Game.

Throughout the Game, you are aware of your target but do not how to reach there. This is an exciting part of the Game that will relax you from your everyday hectic work schedules.

Ultimate graphics and music quality will keep you busy and entertained.

The Game is simple yet realistic entertaining player with real-like experience.

Duet supports all Android Phones and Tablets which can be played everywhere.


Game takes very less time to finish, almost 2.5weeks .So, it is advised to add more levels and stages.

Ads after almost 30 sec is not good on players’ part and irritates them by blocking screen every time they want to play it.

Premium level buyers are not satisfies by the amount of real money spent in buying other high levels like Encore.

At later stages, downloading app becomes a tedious task.


We listed some of best Multiplayer Games to catch your attention. Now you can choose any one or more than one to play with your friends and relatives depending upon your area of interest. All of the above listed Games no doubt are sources of entertainment and can be your best friend while you are travelling alone or very tensed from any official or personal matter.

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