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Best Endless Running Games Free for Mobiles/Tablets in 2016

People are becoming crazy for Mobile Games these days. Android/iOS/Windows phones and Tablets users, have the option of downloading multiple games amongst thousands of games available in their Google Play store/Apple Store/Microsoft store. It has really become a tedious job to select the best one and download that into your system. To solve your confusion, we have listed top 10 best games amongst running games free category.

 Running games free

1. 9GAG Redhead Redemption


This Game is about protecting yourself from deadly zombies .Think about a day when your parents are not at home and you open the door and find zombies in front t of you. Got Scared. Don’t worry May and George will help you out. May is “Red Headed Sister” and George is her brother “Gun Slinging Baby”. This Game will allow you to experience a thrilling game in the best cutest way.


This adventurous game is full of fun and excitement.

This game is simple to learn and gives you entertainment for weeks.

Top of the table in endless best running games free list.


Crashing is sometimes a big problem with the Game.

This Game is nice but becomes boring at times.


2. Despicable Me


Despicable Me is one of the latest games coming up in the mobile games category. Yellow colored Minions, found in this Game are mischievous .If you like accepting challenges then, this can be the best running game you have ever played with. While playing, you will learn making jelly from fresh and delicious fruits collection. Jumping, scrolling and doing multiple actions are some of the tasks involved in the game to win.


Amazing graphical presentation will take you through .Relieve your everyday stress created due to hectic work schedules. This game is fun yet entertaining.


New updates sometimes creates problem are not updated properly and hence hinders players way to play.


3. Subway Surfers


Speed is the Main feature that this Game is about .DODGING trains is really fun and thrilling part of the game. You can escape cleaver Inspector and his dog only with help from Jake, Tricky & Fresh .In this Game, oncoming trains are grinded with your crew.


Amazing HD graphics will take your breath away.

Higher level comes with more speed and challenges to win the missions.

One of the best endless running game and also the second most downloaded one in the whole gaming world across all category.


Repetition is one of the lags that force this game to get negative feedback apart from so many pros. This repetitive nature is very annoying and irritates player by its nature.


4. Battle Run


This Battle Run game will drive you crazy .This game includes multiple players while running. Loved by almost 3million and even more than that players successfully playing the game.15 different pets assisting you on game strategy are smart enough. Battle Run is a 2S Racing game where every player struggle hard to win the race .You are required to run as fast as possible and even weapons can be used against the other players running in race.


Interesting game quite easy to lean will definitely bring competitive feeling amongst the players.


Game hangs in the middle and irritates running champion.


5. Sonic Dash


This Sonic Dash game is perfect for Android phones and Tablets .Just see the distance till Sonic the hedgehog, world’s fastest runner can run. You play as Sonic, jump and spin in your own way.3D Graphics are stunning and would definitely addict you towards itself. Encounter challenging obstacles that come your way and play this endless running game. Let’s see the Sonic the Hedgehog, world famous running star in hisendless running game and see the distance he can run.


This game comes with a free video that lets you understand better  about the game.


Runner needs to pick red star in the middle of race and  this lags the running player behind other players.


6. Into the Dead


This game is about throwing player into deteriorating world where zombies live and no one gets a favorable second chance to stay alive. Player needs to save himself by any necessary means and run at fast speed as fast as possible .Take care of the turn ,when Dead wakes up, try to move away from the place as soon as possible. Music and Video quality are amazing. Special weapons can be unlocked toprevent your life from the dead.


Into the Dead Game is considered one of the best Zombies killing game, where player struggle hard to survive.


This is one of the Expensive game as the player need to purchases some special weapons or items, which can be bought by spending real currency.

Screen freezes while the player is playing the Game.


7. Jetpack Joyride


This game will make you ride and has been designed by the same makers of FRUIT NINGA Game. This is one of the best running games that is available for free in the Google play store for Android devices users.


Addictive game would change your view playing any game through Google play store.


Costumes and jetpack updates are minimum and hence limit the player hands while choosing them.


8. Vector


This game features player as an ultimate runner that won’t stop by any system .This exceptional game is designed in arcade style gaming. This game depicts a totalitarian world where getting free and living with individuality is a kind of dream. Runner is born with a strong heart who strives hard to get free.


20 levels of the game are challenging and will give you enough time to pass when you are free or stressed.


Downloading this game is a tedious task and many time users come back to home screen once the game is downloaded.

Vector moves slowly and can be easily caught. Some measures should be taken to increase its speed.


9. Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 has redefined the mobile gaming world. This game is most lovable and can be easily found in almost all Android phone users hand. Version 2 is not just running, jumping, turning and sliding but many more introductory things will drive you crazy. You can Navigate perilous cliffs, zip across lines, mines and forests in your struggle for escape from cursed idol. Let’s see how far you can run and save yourself.


Excellent game time pass. Very innovative and even 6-7 years kids love playing this game.


Graphics sometimes lags behind at the turning point.


10. Manuganu 2


This Game is now available on NVIDIA TegraZone software .Fully supportable with portable NVIDIA SHIELD, Tablet, and Android TV. This Game is back with complete action-packed fun, latestfeatures giving complete new adventures. Player will help him in his struggle to save his best friend.

This 3D running game with side- scrolled functionality being controlled by a boy called Manuganu.


Timing is very important to play this game. Halt feature is used to run away from enemies and remove obstacles that come in the way.

Flying and swimming feature added in this latest version is fun to play

Supports multiple languages and hence can be played in English, French, German, Italian,Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish


Character size needs to be improved.

Outlook level at different levels should be changed instead of maintain same level of level 1

Least use of equipment to smash enemies.


Coin has 2 faces and each representing some significant face of life. Likewise, every Running  game has been detailed with some positive and some negative points .We have listed 10 best running games available in online store and is compatible with your Phones and Tablets. You can easily download any or all depending upon your interest to play them.

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