Best Shooting Games Free

Best Shooting Games Free

Most of the people these days are busy with their hectic work schedules. So, it has really become necessary to divert their mind from every stress. We are highlighting below Best 10 games that would definitely please you and keep you entertained while you are playing. Take your mobile/tablet to start downloading best shooting games free of cost for Android or iOS or Windows based system.

Shooting games free 

1. Major Mayhem


Major Mayhem is the new recruitment done in Swim Games army of adults. This Major has an finger with itching trigger, stubble with scratches and he is fond of shooting on face. Evils have kidnapped your girlfriend and in order to find her you run and shoot across the 3D world coming in your way.


Complete fun and entertainment package containing your girlfriend, guns, helicopters, explosions, ninjas,etc

This is not only rated as the best free shooting game, but also one of the best games in all the categories as well. More than 90% people gave 5 or 4 star rating shows the value of this game.


If a single user download this game on multiple devices, then he or she need to spend money separately and the account share option is not there.


2. Stick Squad 3 – Modern Shooter


Ron and Damien are Main shooters of this game and have made their re-entry in time –killer and action game. In this game, these two shooters will track he Voice and an criminal organization head responsible for doing several murders.


Sequels are improving and gaining popularity as they are going higher and higher.

Graphical presentation and musical background are awesome.


Voice quality is not so good and sometimes irritates player.


3. Sniper Shooter Free – Fun Game


You simply need to aim and shoot the target and become Hitman of the day. Different targets keep you busy with new thrill and adventure.13 chapters have been constructed so far and the game has gained so much popularity that the designer has been forced to add new chapters.


Amazing game. Initial levels are easy and the difficult level increases as you go higher and higher.


Tilt option used in the game should be fixed and changed to touch one.




This Game has been reported to be the biggest zombie shooter known till date. You can easily download this game for free. After downloading it, you will find yourself in a dark world where survival of humanity has become tough due to destruction caused by Zombies across the globe.


Simple Game with additive graphical presentation will not allow you to download any other game after you have played this once.


This Game automatically shuts down sometimes and irritates playing the higher levels of it.


5. Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games


Shooter prevents crime by shooting using guns and weapons. Offline game can be placed everywhere without any hassle of Internet connection.


More than 60 million players of this game are satisfied and content with the quality of game supported by this Sniper 3D Assassin.

3D Graphics are exceptional and allow you to experience a complete new world of cool animations and graphics.


This game does not support multiple devices at the same time. Same user will have to install lthis game separately in all devices.


6. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition


KalWardin defeated Volterites and after four years, President Folsom was assassinated. Defeated colonies surrendered to Volterite Protectorate. From this time, Kal went low, but Yelena called him to save humankind and planet Earth. At the end, humanity returns to land from exile.


This game is pretty cool and smooth .No bugs that need to be fixed. Graphics are amazing and would definitely drive you crazy.


App automatically closes down when player tries to open it. Irritating user and player blocking their way to play.

Advertisement pops up while you are playing passage to play.




This Game would take you back to wilderness. Its FPS hunting simulator would take you to  completely new world. This game running on Android devices would allow you to travel through  Pacific Northwest of N. America and C.Africa’s Savannah. This journey is epic taking you on adventures to hunt most exotic animals across the world.


Graphical presentation is excellent.

Interfacing is superb. You will encounter least problems while interaction with this Game.


Buffering is time consuming and irritates player playing the game.


8. DEAD TARGET: Zombie


Zombies come in vivid forms and gives player multiple options to target and shoot.CChase Zombies and smash them to the death.


3D Graphics allows you to entertain yourself with ultimate crystal clear textures.

Sound quality and music are extra-ordinary and will give you real-like experience.

You can connect your progress in this Game with social networking sites like facebook.


Gold offer that is given as free is all fake and not given in reality.


9. Sky Force 2014


Sky Force 2014 is back after 10 years when it started with bang in 2004.This game is amazing and gained popularity due to which, it returned back with explosion. This version delivers stunning shooting performance with additional social gaming element.


Mechanics involved in the game are great.Fun and adventures game easily grabs attention.

Initially you may find game speed slow but once you upgrade you ship ,game speed increases explosion style.


Game levels are small and players easily end up playing all the levels. There should be an upgrade in leveling.


10. Call of Duty®: Heroes


Player becomes commander of an army controlling legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and devastating drones directly from the franchise of Call of Duty .This 3D Graphical game with planned strategy will definitely be an exceptional experience in your life.You can dominate your enemies by customizing your base and train elite forces.


This game is good and smooth enough to pass your boring time.


This game cannot be played everywhere as it requires a strong Internet connection.

Building time to command center sometimes takes as long as 24 hours which is a very long waiting time.

New updates may crash your phone.


We have listed top 10 Best Shooting Games Free and now you can select and download the best one depending upon your mood and memory space of your phone or tablet.

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