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Looking to buy a best power bank for mobile? You are at the right place. Go through this article and I am sure you are going to make a confident purchase. Because here we have already shortlisted top 20 best power bank in online 2016 by analyzing the online stores, product ratings, and customer reviews. We are not promoting any brand or product. You can cross-check our results in shopping sites as well. I hope this article will save your time to get the best product available in the market.

What To Look For While Buying A Power bank?

Capacity matters

First of all, find out your device battery capacity. It is generally measured in mAh. For example, Apple 5s has a 1560mAh battery.

Now decide how many times you want to charge your device battery from the power bank. If it’s four times, Multiply number of times and device battery capacity. 4*1560=6240mAh

Physics coursework of Standford University says that for a good Li-ion battery, efficiency varies from 80-90% for both Charging & Discharging.  So, to drink a juice of 6240mAh you have to buy at least 7800mAh capacity glass (considering 90% discharge efficiency of power bank & 90% charging efficiency of your device battery). Likewise, you also calculate for your device and come to a conclusion for how much capacity power bank you need to buy.

Please don’t think like 5000mAh power bank juice up the 2500mAh battery twice. This concept is entirely wrong. Remember the second law of Thermodynamics, “Efficiency cannot be 100%.”

Power bank spec

Please make sure that specification (Voltage, Current Ampere & charging standards) of your device battery is matching with the power bank you are going to buy. More the Ampere, the battery will get charged quickly. But it will affect the lifespan of your device battery.  So be careful and compare the spec, when choosing the power bank for your device.

Consider a power bank with charging time of 6-7 hours mentioned on it. If you use 2Amp output charging adapter it will be fully charged in the specified time interval. But in case, if you use 1Amp output adapter, same power bank will take 11-12hours. Even worst in case if you are using a laptop/PC USB port (0.5Amp) the same power bank will take 20 hours to charge fully. So please use specified items to get rid of charging burden.

For almost all power banks, output cable is basically USB only. So if you already have USB (2.0) cable to charge your device, you can use that same cable. Even if you don’t have, you can get it from your local shops. (One charging cable of USB to Micro USB comes with power bank for charging the power bank.  If your device has Micro USB charging pin, then you can use that same cable to charge your device as well). So don’t worry about the cable.

Tips to have an extended battery life

Always charge to 100%

Don’t let the power bank drain fully. Partial discharges increase the battery life by reducing the stress.

Discharge and battery life

Try to avoid charging and discharging at a time.

Use it when other power sources are not available. Heavy usage will decrease the life span.

Some manufacturers are claiming for 500 full discharge cycles. However, battery capacity drops as part of discharge cycles.

powerbank efficiency

Top 20 best Power Banks

Best power bank 2016


Top 20 Best Power banks Reviews:

1. TP-Link 10400mAh Portable Power Bank Review



This power bank model from TP-Link is well-designed with Smart Charging Technology that automatically senses your digital devices and charges it in the best and fastest possible ways, when you are running short of battery capacity. Multiple protection circuits protects your device from any harm. Circuits included are short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge and discharge, and over-heating circuits.

i-Phone battery’s input current specification is 1Amp. Many Android devices & iPad needs 2Amp input current. If you buy this TP-Link power bank you can charge your various devices with the specified power input, since this device has 2 output ports with 1Amp and 2Amp. This helps the battery to have long life.

Caution: If you charge your i-phone with 2 Amp power output powerbank, the phone battery will get charged up quickly. But the life of the battery will goes down as well. So buy the best power bank which suits your device specification.


This product is a value for money product and a must buy item for business class individuals.

Price slight on higher side but compensates for the quality delivered by this unique Power bank from well-known TP-Link brand.

Dual USB Ports is an added advantage that lets you charge two devices simultaneously.

Genuine model with power back of charging a Smart mobile 3-5 times in a day.

Integrated Cable that comes along with Power Bank is again of very good quality.

Energy Efficiency rate is almost 90%, so charges Smartphones and Tablets with great efficiency.

LED Indicator alerts user on the battery status.


Actual battery capacity is somewhere around 6400 instead of 10400mAh.

Amazing performance but the size is not so small to carry it in pocket.


2. ASUS ABTU005 ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank Review


Buy ASUS ABTU005 ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank with USB Cable Pink from Snapdeal

This Black colored Zen power bank manufactured by the well-known Asus Brand is power-packed with long lasting battery of 10050 mAh li-ion .This battery is sufficient for charging any smart device to its full charging capacity. Model being very light in weight, can be easily carried in pocket as the size is as small as your credit card. This highly efficient model gives high speed and charging output up to 2.4Amperes.


This model puts life to your smart device once again.

PowerSafe technology integrated in this model is exclusive creation of Asus that monitors temperature, controls I/O voltages and protects your devices from short circuits.

No overheating of the Power bank observed while charging your devices.

High quality features, components, and design specifications make this model a necessity for every person looking for Power bank from branded company.

Actual output of this model is somewhere around 7000mAh.


Silicon or leather cover is not included in the standard packaging List and the buyer should buy it at the time of purchase in order to all life to it.

Compatible with charging iPhones. But the output current is (2.4Amp) high than the I-phone’s input current (1Amp) specification. This will charge your i-phone quickly yet the life cycle of the battery will get reduced.

3. Pny Portable Charger 10400 mAh Review



Buy Pny Portable Charger 10400 mAh from Snapdeal

This Pny power Bank is an ultimate option for people looking smart and intelligent power bank with 10400mAh.Yoou can carry it while travelling and charge your smartphone at areas, prone to charging. Integrated LED Torch is very helpful for using this Power bank in low-lit areas.


This power bank supports charging up to 4-5 times before getting exhausted completely.

Compatible with iphone

Battery indicator Integrated in the power indicates you on the battery capacity and the time to charge your Power bank again

LED Light is very useful in case of low lights or power failure.

This model is small and very handy making it portable to carry in hand without any fatigue.

You can even gift this power bank to your close relatives or friends.

This model is best for person who have small battery capacity in their smartphone or mobile and is fed up of charging again and again


Although the model is handy, can’t keep in pocket as the size is not that small.

You may come across faulty wires in the standard packaging, but this issue can be resolved by contacting customer care or technical team.


4. Honor Powerbank 13000 mAh Review


Honor has again showed its skills and intelligence by bringing all-new power bank with considerably large 13000 mAh battery capacity that is good enough to last for long time.You can even charge your iPhone for up to 4 times in a day. Compatible for charging Branded smartphone and tablet. This model has been integrated with leading intelligent chip for controlling its mechanism and meticulously well-crafted to offer multiple protection for devices connected to it for charging. This smart chip waits for 6 sec, analyzes any new devices and shuts down automatically in case it does not find any device.


2USB Ports allows you to charge two different devices compatible with the USB port .Both devices can be charged at the same time.

No overheating issues observed while you connect any device for charging.

This is the best power bank in India as per the customer satisfaction result.


Charger not provided as a part of standard equipment.

USB Cable provided in the standard packaging is not of very god quality.


5. Zebronics PG4400 4400 mAh Review



Buy Zebronics 4400 Mah Power Bank Orange from Snapdeal

Zebronics Powerbank model no ZEB-PG4400 4400 mAh Power Bank comes with 12 months warranty from the Manufacturer. Standard Box packaging contains Micro USB Cable, Warranty Card and User Manual. Li-ion battery of 4400mAh powers this smart Power bank. Multiple protection system integrated in the model are Over charge and discharge, short-circuit and over-current protection. LED Flashlight for clear visibility in dim or no light situations.


USB Port is universal and can be used for charging Digital Camera, Media player, Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Well-constructed from premium quality components and material to offer awesome performance.

Rubber body makes this model shock-proof.

LED Indicator alerts user of charging time.


Only 1 USB Connector is provided to charge the device. This should be increased to 2 in order to complete with other brands available in the market.

Cable that comes along with the Power bank has short length and forces user to connect device very close to it.


6. Pny Slim Power Bank 5200 Mah Review


Buy Pny Slim Power Bank 5200 Mah (white) from Snapdeal

PNY is a well-known New York brand since 1985 delivering best performance. Slim Power bank with battery capacity of 5200mAh has a trendy yet refined design full of high-quality finishing. This power bank model is Safe and reliable and considered perfect for charging devices while you are travelling or busy in outdoor activities. Integrated LED torch giving light when then the brightness is low .Auto power off saves power and shuts off the power bank when no device is connected to it. LED indicator with 4-lights displaying battery level and its status for charging.


Quality speaks for the money spent and is best in this economical range of power banks.

Design is very trendy and catches attention easily.

1year warranty support from the Manufacturer is an added advantage of buying this reasonable model.

Simple operational technique does not need any Instruction Manual.


Quality of this power bank is satisfactory but discharges very quickly. You can better think of ranked 3 10400 mAh PNY powerbank.

This model comes in Milky white color, which is otherwise very cool and trendy but attracts dirt easily.


7. ADATA PT100 10000mah Power Bank Review



Buy ADATA PT100 10000mah Power Bank (White/Blue) from Snapdeal

ADATA PT100 is an amazing Powerbank offering high battery capacity of 10000mAh with two USB slots .These slots lets you charge two devices simultaneously. You can connect your smartphone and tablet in one go and charge your devices as fast as possible. This model is very handy and comes integrated with LED flashlight to see in dark or low lights.


This model comes with replacement warranty of 3 months and so you can use this product and return in case you are not satisfied with the quality.

This trendy design is portable and can be easily gripped in hands without any muscular pains.

iPhone 5 can be charged almost 5 times in a day using this battery capacity.

LED Power level is very clear and descriptive displaying battery capacity of the power bank.


This model is available only in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, India and South Asia region.

Size of this model is very big and not acceptable by people looking for handy Power Bank.


8. Karbonn Power Packer Mini 2000 mAh Review


Karbonn is one of the leading manufacturers amongst Portable Power Banks category. This Power packer Mini 2000mAh is a perfect companion for people looking for power bank in capacity range of 2000mAh.This model is all-powerful and efficient to carry while travelling to remote areas with least connection to electricity. Lithium Ion Battery capacity of 2000mAh lasts longer and is sufficient enough for charging Digital Devices. This Power Bank is designed keeping Safety in view as well by protecting devices connected through it from Over-heating, Over-voltage, Over-charging and Short Circuit.Stylish Design gives this power bank elegant and classy look.


Slim design of this elegant power bank can be easily carried anywhere.

Performance—wise model is satisfactory and does justice to its price.


Single USB Port restricts its use on one device at the time and hence slower process of charging multiple devices at the same time.


9. Intex 4000mah It-pb4k Power Bank Review



Buy Intex 4000mah It-pb4k Power Bank – White from Snapdeal

Intex IT-PB4K is an excellent power bank manufactured by well-known Intex brand in capacity of 4000mAh.Li-Ion battery is all powerful and carries your digital devices with protection. Weight of this model being 122gms only is very light weight and can be carried without any fatigue.12months warranty is an assurance from the manufacturer that the product is genuine.


2 USB Port or connectors enables users accessibility to charge two digital device at the same time.

Torch function provided as  part of standard equipment and hence you can see this Power bank even in case of bright or low lights.

LED Indicator alerts you battery status of the Power bank so, that you are intimated prior to time when your Power bank gets exhausted.


Some issue with the cord that comes along with the unit, so it is advised to check the model accessories before buying it.


10. Ambrane 13000mAh PowerBank Review


Buy Ambrane 13000mAh Power Bank – White and Blue from Snapdeal

Ambrane Powerbank with charging capacity of 13000 mAhnever runs shorts of battery and gives you ample provision for charging your smartphone and other digital devices without any hassle. This model is portable and comes in battery capacity of 13000mAh power. Indicator indicates you on charging life and LED torch for clear visibility in dark zones. This power bank designed in black colored Sleek and slim body giving its appearance a classical look. Powerful grip does not allow any slippage and its portability allows you to carry it firmly in pocket or handbag. Battery capacity indicates that in case you are using a Smartphone with battery of 2500mAh then, you can charge this phone approx. 5 times in a day.


In case you charge your Power bank and don’t use it for a month, then the stored charge will remain intact.

Only 5 hours required to charge this power bank to 100%.


USB Cable provided with the Powerbank is of short length and user have to move his digital device very close to the power bank in order to charge it

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