Top 10 Best Power Bank in Online 2020

What To Look For While Buying A Power bank?

Capacity matters

First of all, find out your device battery capacity. It is generally measured in mAh. For example, Apple 11 has a 3110mAh battery.

Now decide how many times you want to charge your device battery from the power bank. If it’s four times, Multiply number of times and device battery capacity. 5*3110=15550mAh

Physics coursework of Standford University says that for a good Li-ion battery, efficiency varies from 80-90% for both Charging & Discharging.  So, to drink a juice of 15550mAh you have to buy at least 20000mAh capacity glass (considering 90% discharge efficiency of power bank & 90% charging efficiency of your device battery). Likewise, you also calculate for your device and come to a conclusion for how much capacity power bank you need to buy.

Please don’t think like 5000mAh power bank juice up the 2500mAh battery twice. This concept is entirely wrong. Remember the second law of Thermodynamics, “Efficiency cannot be 100%.”

Power bank spec

Please make sure that specification (Voltage, Current Ampere & charging standards) of your device battery is matching with the power bank you are going to buy. More the Ampere, the battery will get charged quickly. But it will affect the lifespan of your device battery.  So be careful and compare the spec, when choosing the power bank for your device.

Consider a power bank with charging time of 6-7 hours mentioned on it. If you use 2Amp output charging adapter it will be fully charged in the specified time interval. But in case, if you use 1Amp output adapter, same power bank will take 11-12hours. Even worst in case if you are using a laptop/PC USB port (0.5Amp) the same power bank will take 20 hours to charge fully. So please use specified items to get rid of charging burden.

For almost all power banks, output cable is basically USB only. So if you already have USB (2.0) cable to charge your device, you can use that same cable. Even if you don’t have, you can get it from your local shops. (One charging cable of USB to Micro USB comes with power bank for charging the power bank.  If your device has Micro USB charging pin, then you can use that same cable to charge your device as well). So don’t worry about the cable.

Tips to have an extended battery life

Always charge to 100%

Don’t let the power bank drain fully. Partial discharges increase the battery life by reducing the stress.

Try to avoid charging and discharging at a time.

Use it when other power sources are not available. Heavy usage will decrease the life span.

Some manufacturers are claiming for 500 full discharge cycles. However, battery capacity drops as part of discharge cycles.


Looking to buy a best power bank for mobile? You are at the right place. Go through this article and I am sure you are going to make a confident purchase. Because here we have already shortlisted top 10 best power bank in online 2020 by analyzing the online stores, product ratings, and customer reviews. We are not promoting any brand or product. You can cross-check our results in shopping sites as well. I hope this article will save your time to get the best product available in the market.

1. Mi 2i 20000 mAh Power Bank.

Mi Power bank 2i’s body was build up of Aluminium it gives a better compact design and also it comes with 3 different colors namely Sandstone Black, Red and Blue. Its a big Power bank also has 20000 mAh of Lithium Polymer battery gives you a better performance and life. It supports 18w fast charging for both 2 output Ports it makes mobile quick to charge. It’s weight is 430 Grams because of heavy weight it was very heavy to take and carry. It was the only major drawback to buy this power bank. Mi power bank not only available in 20000 mAh it also comes in 10000 mAh of battery if we feel 430 Grams as weight we can buy 10000 mAh power bank and it also comes with dual output port and 18 W fast charging support.


18 W fast Charging.

Compact Aluminium Body.

Both 2 ports Fast Charging.

Charging cable included in box.

Value for money.


Too Heavy to carry.

2. Philips DLP1720CB 20000 mAh Power Bank

Philips 20000 mAh power bank comes with textured grip surface on its to hold it gives non – slippery secured feeling while holding this power bank. It’s a big power bank has 20000 mAh of battery and also very heavy to handle because of its weight it has a weight of 421 Grams. It supports only 10 W of fast charging it is little slower to charge phones as compared to 18 W of fast charging given by Mi in this price segment. It not only supports USB charger to charge and it also Type C charger to charge. Both 2 output ports support 10 W of fast charge support.


Textured grip Surface.

Both 2 Output ports supports Fast charging.

Charging cable included in box.

Value for money.


Only 10 W of Fast Charging support.

Heavy to use and carry.

3. Ambrane  PP-20 20000 mAh Power Bank

Ambrane Power bank is has good looking textured plastic design gives a non – slippery perfect grip to carry this power bank. It was a small power bank as compared to Mi 2i and Philips because they are more then 400 Grams and it’s just 325 Grams and so it is little bit less weight to carry. It comes in 3 different colors namely Graphite Green, Black and Red. It has a 20000 mAh of Lithium Polymer battery and also with 10 W of fast charging support. We can also charge this by Type C Cable.


Textured Gripping Surface.

Both 2 Output ports Supports Fast charging.

Supports Type C Charging.

Charging Cable included.


Only 10 W of fast charging Support.

Plastic Body is poor.

4. Anker PowerCore 20100

Anker PowerCore has a lengthy look but not actually lengthy power bank. Its 2 output ports has 2 different fast charging outputs one supports 15 Watt and another supports 10 Watt of fast charging. Its just 180 grams and its very easy and quite comfortable to use and handle and also it was one of the form factor to buy this. Because of its weight it is liked to hold another smartphone in your hand. Matte finish gives you a better grip to handle this power bank. Comes with 18 months of manufacturer Warranty it very high as compared to other brands in the market.


18 months of warranty.

Light weight Power bank.

Matte finished Surface for Grip.


Little bit costlier.

5. Syska 10000 mAh Power Bank.

Syska 10000 mAh it was one of the fastest power bank to charge our device because it supports 37 Watt of fast charging support. 37 Watt makes quick charge your phone brings 0-50 in 30 mins (only for 37 Watt supporting Mobiles). Design is made up of Metal body which gives you good look and shinny finish and also comes with 2 colors namely black and silver. This is just 190 Gram and so it very easy carry and use liked to have another smartphone in your pocket while carrying it. Comes with 6 months of brand warranty.


37Watt Fast Charging support.

Shinny look.

Light weight to carry.

Both 2 ports supports 37 Watt.


Metal grip is little Slippery.

6. Anker PowerCore Select 10000.

Anker PowerCore Select has good compact design with fully Matte furnished gives a good handy Non – Slippery grip. Its just 175 Grams and so it was light weight and easy to carry everywhere. It has 10Watt fast charging support with this we can charge the little faster like using stock charger (only fast charge supporting phones). It comes with the 18 months of warranty from the manufacturer.


Light weight Power bank.

18 Months of Warranty.


Supports only 10 Watt.

Little bit costlier.

7. Redmi 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank.

Redmi has a big 20000 mAh Li – Polymer Battery which supports 18Watt fast charging in both 2 output ports and we can easily charge our device quickly. It not only supports 2way output but also supports 2 ways of input because we can charge by 2 ports at same time at fast as 18Watt. It comes with Type C adapter also. It was textured up with anti – slip Texture and so we can hold this power with more comfortability. 12 layer of circuit protection protects you from short circuit and high voltage issues. Comes with 6 months of manufacturing warranty.


18Watt fast charging.

Dual Charge input.

Supports Type C.

12 Layer Circuit protection.


Heavy to use and carry.

8. Realme 10000mAH Power Bank.

Realme power attracts you in your first look because it comes with good looking textured design which gives you a better look and solid grip for good handling. It comes in 3 different colors namely Yellow, Red and Grey. It comes with just 230 Grams and its very easy to carry in your pocket but it gives that you carrying this in your pocket because of its size. It also comes with Type C support and this port use for both charging the power bank and also charge the mobile.


2way use of Type C port.

Solid Design.

18 watt fast charging.


Little bit Costlier.

9. Samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN 10000mAH Power Bank.

Samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN has solid design which was build up of metal which gives you a solid look but it was little slippery its not a big issue to handle. Its has a battery which was 10000 mAh of Lithium Ion this gives a solid performance. It supports 18 Watt of both input and output. Its just 220 and very sleek so we can easily keep it in your pocket.


Both Sleek Metalic design.

Light weight to use.

Supports 18 watt for both input and output.


Design is little slippery.

Little Costlier than others.

10. Intex IT- pba 20000 mAh Power Bank.

Intex power bank has big 20000 mAh of Li-Polymer battery. LED light on top near by power will shows you that battery level whether its need to charge or not. It was 395 Grams and it was little heavy to use and carry. Didn’t supports any fast charging support. Solid design attracts you in your first look and its body was built with plastic. This body gives you a grippery surface to handle the power bank with more comfortability.


20000 mAh battery.

Good Looking design.


No any fast charging support.



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